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Bezos revealed how many people remain on Earth, the others go into space

The Amazon billionaire enthusiastically shared his predictions about what human civilization will look like in the future – and he personally contributes to bringing this future closer – at the annual meeting in Washington. Ignatius in his presentation at the Forum

He expects that large, cylindrical, artificial gravity-creating space colonies rotating for millions of inhabitants will take the place of most industrial production. Meanwhile, the Earth is being transformed into a nature reserve with limited access, similar to today’s U.S. national parks.

“This place is special, we can’t ruin it,” said Amazon’s founder of the planet. “Millions of people will move from Earth to space over time. And that’s the vision of Blue Origin – millions of people work in space,” he said, referring to his own company.

Over the centuries, most people or “Most of them will be born in space. This will be their first home. They will be born in these colonies, they will live in these colonies. They may visit Earth the same way we visit Yellowstone National Park,” Bezos predicted.

He said that the colonies themselves “will have rivers, forests and wildlife,” which has arguably diverted his speech from the field of futurology to optimistic sci-fi. Amazon is notoriously resourceful when it comes to dropping every drop of productivity out of its workforce.

Bezos referred to Princeton physicist Gerard O’Neill, who proposed the concept of space dwellings in 1976 as an inspiration. source. He said the expansion he predicted was inevitable if humanity wanted to grow sustainably.

“This Earth can support, say, 10 billion people to some degree. We have to work very hard to figure it out, how can we do this without degrading the planet … The solar system can support a trillion people, “he said.

When asked about the event’s host, Adi Ignatius, he thinks who will decide who can live on Earth in the future. However, it is certain that a rich and influential person like Bezos would be included in the selection. The privileges of his status were discussed in the interview when Bezos boasted that he had managed to achieve a cameo appearance in his favorite series, Star Trek.

“I didn’t have an easy time,” the 2006 Star said. Trek: Beyond. “I insisted on a speaking role that complicated the whole scenario,” he said.

In the film, Bezos wore an extraterrestrial prosthesis and had a single sentence, “Speak normally.” He said he had “done it well,” which made the audience laugh.

Speaking of Blue Origin, the billionaire likened his company to barns from the early days of the flight. He said wealthy tourists will become “Earth ambassadors” with suborbital flights who will advocate for increased space exploration to protect our planet. This will provide more resources to make human space travel a routine, similar to the development of today’s dual-deck passenger aircraft today, “he said.

” The hard part is not space travel. “The reusability was already solved in the 1960s. It’s not reusability – it’s also solved with the space shuttle. The hard part is operational reusability,” he said. “Practice is needed to make it work.”

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