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Bengal School Jobs Scam: Cash worth 20 crore rupees, gold bars found in else house Owned by Arpita Mukherjee

According to ED sources, the amount Recovered from Club Town Heights, an apartment complex in Bulgarian local, can be more Because the count is still on. “We have a huge recovery amount of money From one of Apartments in Apartment complex. We’ve brought you three counting notes machines For accuracy amount. Besides cash, gold bullion, jewelry and other documents also One of the emergency personnel said, official.

The sources said that emergency department officers had to storm two apartments linked to Mukherjee in Bulgarian because the keys can not be found. Searches were based on information Introduction by Mukherjee who was caught along with Minister on July 23, one day after first Package of cash seized.

Under the direction of the Calcutta High Court, the CBI is investigating the alleged wrongdoing in Recruit of Group C and D work team as well as teachers in governmentThe schools she sponsored and assisted when Chatterjee was Minister of Education. ED Trace File money Pass Buildings in the case.

earlier in On the day, Chatterjee and Mukherjee were taken to ESI Hospital in Kolkata for Medical examination-up. Speaking to reporters, Chatterjee declined questions on his resignation. “What is the reason? ” Asked.

ED is also Questioning former president of West Bengal Board of Primary Education, Manik Bhattacharya, in the case.

respond to latest recoveryBJP national Vice President Dilip Ghosh said, “They looted money Real candidates were denied jobs. The perpetrators must be punished. the state minister should be on the spot removed. “

TMC Status general secretary Kunal Ghosh said party you won’t defend anyone who he is found sinner. “There is no word for condemnation like this crime. The party you won’t defend anyone who involved in this is. if found Guilty, the people involved must be served justice, Ghosh said.

Meanwhile, processing function in kolkata, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee hit out what she calledmedia Experience” in the case.

“When anyone running big Enterprise, there may be some bugs or errors. People have the right to make a fatal mistake… if someone makes a mistake mistake It is established in law that there will be action and punishment against they. But before the judges can pronounce their verdict, there is a media Experience against people said.

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