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Ben Wallace criticizes Sunak for undermining the interests of entrepreneurs, supporting the Trass for EVENINGS

Ben Wallace last the night supported Liz Truss for tory leadership when he criticized Rishi Sunak for “walking out door” and refuse economy when he stepped down as chancellor (you can read full story here)

Mr Wallace said this morning that he had decided support Miss Truss because he thinks the ministry will “do the right thing.” of Protection.

Foreign Minister vows to increase defense spending by up to 3 percent of GDP by 2030 if she becomes prime minister.

When asked why he decided back Miss Truss now, Mr. Wallace said, “I thought I’d do at the start of this competition is worth backI’m the secretary of State for protection, I want find a candidate who will behave correctly and recognize that the threats we face every day is very real and grow and what they need properly funded.

“We can not just pretend they’re leaving on their own. I watched them perform, I watched them on hunt, but I also know both of them, I was in Cabinet for two years with and the chancellor indeed Liz Truss and so it was important for I, too work out who I thought it was the right person to take us forward.

“I know Liz. She’s very straight, she’s real, what you see is what you get, but also she was very consistent in her support for defense and security. She reads the same intelligence reports as me, so I figured she was the right person to back”.

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