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Ben Affleck’s Lack of Interest in the DCU

Ben Affleck won’t be in James Gunn’s DCU, and his horrible history with DC in recent years is likely a big reason.

As the head of creative for DC Studios, James Gunn wants to make a plan for how different DC superheroes can be used in different ways. Several other filmmakers will use their style to bring these characters to life. Some fans will be sad that one of these filmmakers will not have been a Caped Crusader.

Ben Affleck's Lack of Interest in the DCU

In the Snyderverse, Ben Affleck played Bruce Wayne/Batman. The Flash ends that version of the Dark Knight, but many people had hoped that Affleck would use his directing skills for an upcoming DCU movie. The actor has entirely shot down this theory and wants nothing to do with James Gunn’s universe. Even though the rejection sounds harsh, it makes much sense when you think about Ben Affleck’s history with DC’s superhero movies.

Ben Affleck Won’t Be Involved With James Gunn’s

Some fans thought that, even though Ben Affleck was no longer playing Batman, he might still be a part of the larger DC Universe in the future as a filmmaker. After all, the actor is also a good director who has worked on several well-received movies. People thought he might be a part of the DCU reboot of Batman and that they might even use ideas from his unmade solo Batman movie. However, this theory wasn’t just based on James Gunn’s fondness for an old actor. He brought together many talented people to map out the DC Universe.

James Mangold will almost certainly be in the Swamp Thing movie, and there are rumors that several other big names will be in other movies. Adding Affleck to the mix would cement the DCU as an auteur’s shared universe and prove that it wouldn’t just be a line of interchangeable movies. That won’t happen because Affleck has said he will no longer be a part of the DC Universe. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the actor said, “I would never, ever direct anything for the James Gunn DC.” His words showed he wasn’t interested, which is understandable given the creator’s background.

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