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Beethoven's X Symphony was completed with artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (MI) completed Beethoven’s X., known as an unfinished symphony, which will be shown in Bonn, Germany, in October

Deutsche Telekom In an international project implemented on the initiative of The announcement recalls that Beethoven began writing another piece of music in the final years of his life. However, he no longer had the opportunity to finish, he only got to the sketches. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the composer’s birth, at Telekom’s encouragement, a group of international scientists, composers, music historians and technologists decided to give it a try and complete the piece from existing melodic initiatives using artificial intelligence.

The symphony, created as a result of the joint work of Man and MI, will be presented in Bonnhoven, Bonn, Germany, in October this year.

For this work, MI even for those familiar with classical music, it sounds like listening to an original Beethoven. The development of the system can be attributed to Professor Ahmed Elgammal and Mark Gotham, who likened music to language and perfected the algorithm based on this principle.

However, the human factor is not negligible in the creation of the work. The monotonous, mechanical sound of the sequences composed by MI had to be brought to life. After the piece was completed, it was the task of the Austrian composer Walter Werzova to bring soul into the music, including through changes in tempo.

Beethoven’s work is not the first creative product created by MI. The full version of Schubert and Mahler’s unfinished pieces, Beatles songs, and even works of fine art can already be attributed to machines, says the announcement. With the help of Gergely, Head of Partnership at the National Laboratory for Artificial Intelligence, and Béla Szabó, Brand Communications Director of Magyar Telekom. Richard Nagyfi, an AI expert at Cambridge Mobile Telematics, introduces the audience to the behind-the-scenes of machine composition. Among the professional programs, the duo of Ditta Rohmann and Mihály Berecz will perform the composer’s classics, and the evening will end with a short screening of Symphony No. 10 with organist Cameron Carpenter and the Bonn Philharmonic Orchestra.

Participation in the event is free , but registration is required

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