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Because of the marches.. Legislation in the US Parliament to punish Iran

A group of Republican and Democratic representatives in the US House of Representatives submitted a bill to stop the activities of Iranian drones.

The bill provided for punishment of any form of cooperation with Iran in the field of drone activities.

He also clarified that US sanctions on Iran’s conventional arms program under CAATSA also include the supply, sale, or transfer of combat drones to or from Iran. Regional peace”

and stressed the need to prevent Tehran and its allied groups from acquiring a “drone” that could be used in attacks against the United States or its partners. The Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Gregory Meeks, said in a statement today, Wednesday, that “the presence of deadly drones in the hands of Iran, which is the largest source of terrorism in the world, threatens not only regional peace but also the security of the United States.”

He also stressed that “support for the Iranian drone program will not be tolerated.”

Remnants of an Iranian-made march (AFP)

For his part, Republican Representative Michael McCaul said that the peoples of the Middle East cannot live in freedom, stability and prosperity “under the attack of Iranian drones.” . He added that America will use “all available means” to confront the Iranian drone program. Some of the attacks that are taking place in the region, it is unacceptable, saying, “Whether the attacks are launched by Iran, the Houthis, the militias backed by Tehran, or any other entities sponsored by it, these attacks are intolerable.”

This step comes in conjunction with the disclosure of the coalition to support legitimacy in Yemen at dawn today, that it destroyed a drone after taking off from Sanaa airport.

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It is noteworthy that many previous reports confirmed Tehran’s support for militias in the region, whether in Iraq or Yemen, with booby-trapped missiles and drones. On October 29 (2021), the US Treasury imposed sanctions on Iran’s drone program. It said on its website at the time that the sanctions target 4 individuals and two entities, due to links with the Revolutionary Guards

. It also confirmed that the Revolutionary Guards provided the Lebanese Hezbollah, Hamas, the Houthis and Ethiopia with drones that were used to attack US forces and international navigation in the region.

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