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Because of a religious invocation, the Musicians Syndicate prohibits dealing with Marwan Pablo

In his first concert after his return from retirement, and in the presence of thousands of his fans and fans, the Egyptian rapper Marwan Pablo was exposed to a crisis that could threaten his singing future. , a decision to prevent dealing with rapper Marwan Pablo, especially since he is not a member of the union, and he was obtaining a one-day permit.

The details of the matter date back to last Friday evening, when Marwan Pablo gave his first concert after His return, which his fans thirst for, was attended by nearly 20 thousand of his fans.

During the concert, a Palestinian rapper named “Sheb Jadeed” appeared to perform a segment accompanied by Marwan Pablo, but he presented the religious invocation that carries The name “Mawlay” is from Naqshbandi.

The Palestinian rapper replaced the word “Mawlay” and made it “Marwan”, which angered and angered the Musicians Syndicate, considering what was underestimated in the supplication and emptied it of its moral content, and made it as if it were about The same performer, in addition to what the video of the ceremony contained, words outside of good morals.

Despite the fact that Marwan did not sing the invocation, the syndicate considered him responsible for everything contained in the prayer. For his own concert, so the decision was issued to prevent dealing with him again and inform all the pledges of the matter.

These decisions are not the first of their kind issued by the Musicians Syndicate, which issued similar decisions about two weeks ago against rap singers as well as singers of popular festivals.

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