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‘Beautiful’ face of medieval woman brought back to life in 700 years

Beautiful face of Mysterious Medieval Woman Revealed for in first time in 700 years of scientists using 3D digital reconstruction techniques to bring her back from dead.

unknown woman, who died in she is 20 years old and has been placed on bed of shells, it was found during vault renovations on the site of the ruined Whithorn Monastery in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland in 1950s.

Experts from the University of Bradford used facial reconstruction and computer technology create realistic animation of woman, who possibly visited a monastery on pilgrimage.

Dr. Christopher Wrynn, a craniofacial anthropologist and forensic pathologist, said her skull was the most symmetrical he had ever seen, suggesting she was extremely beautiful and likely had a healthy and injury-free upbringing.

“When face grows throughout childhood, throughout adolescence, grows not symmetrically at the same time. It grows left and right, kind of like on foot, he said.

“So if there’s any of illness or even just view of emotional trauma that can prevent you from sleeping and eating for any length of time then it will throw symmetry of in face off.

” more illness and injury in childhood, the less symmetrical adult face will end up”.

Funerals are high status

The woman was buried in stone coffin set in front of main altar, suggesting that she was of high status despite dying So young.

Her coffin stood next to the grave of Bishop Walter who known to work in diocese of York, becoming bishop of Whithorn in 1209. A thorough burial was arranged for him, and he was interred. with a gold ring and a wooden staff – or a staff with a curved head – symbolize his high position. office.

Third skeleton of human with cleft palate was also found in next to a stone coffin. All three skulls underwent facial reconstruction within of an ongoing cold case of the Whithorn project that delves into life of buried in monastery.

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