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Be the scapegoat to bring back Nawaz: Imran

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on On Saturday, it was alleged that another plot was being prepared to disqualify him. in Toshakhan and prohibited finance cases to pave way for Return of PML-N Supreme Leader Nawaz Sharif from London.

“They have made a new I plan to register new cases and disqualify Imran Khan in Toshakhan, as well as cases of prohibited financing,” he said. on On Saturday while speaking at a giant rally at the National Hockey Stadium. in Lahore.

snuff conspiracy behind recent onslaught of legal action against him, Imran said the motive behind there were attempts to disqualify him force him to make a deal with in government revoke Nawaz’s lifetime ban so both can compete in political arena.

“According to the conspiracy, Nawaz will be brought back to the country at the end of September… and character assassination campaign will be launched to vilify me.”

“Don’t compare me with brigand… listen to me, conspirators, no matter what you do, I will not make any deal, ”he roared.

AT former prime minister announced its long-awaited roadmap to achieve “real freedom” and steps what to take for this is achievement on the day before of 75th Independence Day of Pakistan.

The appeal was broadcast throughout the country. When the clock struck 12, fireworks display and a flag-raising ceremony was held in honor of August 14 when the crowd exploded in cheers and songs.

Conspiracy to pit PTI against army

Protecting your position on in military, former prime minister said the nefarious elements tried drive wedge between PTI and the military in to harm the country.

Calling it a “foreign conspiracy”, Imran stated that he never want army of this country to be weak, adding that those who pursuit for “real freedom is always want their army is strong.”

cleaning air about his statements about the military, Imran argued that, in contrast to the parties of Decree coalition who rocked out against army in in a brazen manner, his own criticism was always constructive and wise.

Then the head of PTI paused to play number of clips on a gigantic screen mounted directly above him, showing many of statements made PML-N leadership press charges on armed forces. AT one of the clips showed the lacing of PML-N Supreme Leader Nawaz Sharif in top management of in military for his dismissal

‘Struggle for freedom in last stages

Writing out his plans Imran announced start mass contact campaign under which he said that he would organize rallies in various cities of countries including Karachi, Rawalpindi and others. He said that his move for “real freedom” entered its decisive and final scene.

“When they overthrew my government they thought people would distribute sweets, but millions of people took take to the streets to protest against my dismissal.

Imran said that the current rulers were trying to instill fear in the masses through intimidation and asked people Do not be scared of their intimidation tactics in for achievement”real freedom”.

“I’m going out and to people how fight for real independence came into play phase […] my nation, get ready,” said PTI Chairman people.

He said he revived it party and its divisions to prepare for in the campaign, adding that he wanted in people accept his message of “real freedom” at every doorstep.

AT former prime minister predicted that on in next August 14 “we will take our khakiki azadi (real freedom).”

Imran also announced formation of a new “Tiger Force”, which will follow Steps of those who fought for Independence before partition.

Talking about the brutality of May 25 against PTI workers, Imran argued that this is a democratic right of in party stage a peaceful demonstration, but deplored that “corrupt rulers used power against peaceful protesters.

“They went down on unarmed demonstrators to intimidate them. The police have been used against peaceful protesters,” he recalled. out as well as added that during their rule Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman and Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari brought out long marches twice but he took no action against them.

‘Politics for for the sake of of freedom, not wealth”

Earlier, Imran greeted the crowd and praised their passion and zeal. He said he would give his roadmap of “real freedom” and steps what to take for this is achievement.

“I’m not ready to compromise on my people interests”, former prime minister said, adding that never allow nation become a slave anyone.

He said he would unite the nation and together it would pay off country loans and stand on legs after wearing hard times.

“I know my nation is ready for victims. AT struggle for real freedom will continue until we ship the import government come together and hold fair and free elections.”

“Today you must patiently listen to my appeal. I will give your roadmap to achieve “Hakiki Azadi” [real freedom]” Imran told the crowd. in his opening remarks.

Imran, explaining his strategy achieve “real freedom,” said that fear is the most dangerous idol that enslaves a person. “A nation of slaves can never prosper.”

“We got an independent country by giving millions of victims…respect cannot be earned through wealth… those who fear death can never achieve anything big”.

Imran said that since then joining politics he spoke of making Pakistan an independent and sovereign country, arguing that his narrative of “real freedom” was not aimed at flirting with voters.

Referring to the statements of the PML-N leaders on economic crisis, Imran said that the two families – Sharifs and Zardaris – responsible for destroying economy. “They robbed for in last 30 years, made offshore assets worth billions of rupees and now they are asking who is responsible for this mess.”

Imran said that Pakistan suffered huge human and economic losses after former military Ruler General (retired) Pervez Musharraf bowed to the US and joined this is the so-called war on terror.

“They are [US] blown away out drone strikes on Pakistan, but Sharif and Zardari never raised voice against it is oppression,” he said, adding that he was not anti-American but would never compromise on national interest.

He also reiterated his claims that the US official Donald Lu threatened that Pakistan would suffer consequences if he didn’t removed from power through vote of no-confidence.

“I visited Russia because I wanted cheaper gas for my country. I went there to help my nation. But they (USA) got upset because I didn’t listen to their orders.”

Imran said he would never allow his people to become a “slave”. of any superpower” and will walk through difficult path achieve freedom.

“This movement for real freedom will continue until we overthrow this “imported government’,” he added.

Pervez Elahi

Punjab Chief Minister Pervez Elahi, addressing the protesters, said that he would not calm down until he “accepted revenge from those involved in use of violence” on PTI workers during their long march on 25 May.

PML-Q Leader also warned Interior Minister Rana Sanaulla, saying soon he will be put in jail behind bars and ‘handed over death sentence” in Model City case.

Elahi said PTI chairman Imran and the army have warm ties and added what opponents have failed create a rift between them.

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