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Bay Area decapitates a victim family says: “Feel responsible’

Bay Area Woman who was allegedly beheaded in murder due to domestic violence was 27-year-old door dash driver who leaves behind two young daughters, her family said.

Karina Castro was killed on Thursday outside her home in San Carlos. Around 11:50 a.m. Thursday, representatives from the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office arrived at Laurel Street and Magnolia Avenue. just a few blocks from a Caltrain station after witnesses reported a house attack. MPs found woman body on the spot, but the sheriff office did not specify cause of death; Anonymous law enforcement officials told the CSC that the woman had been beheaded.

José Rafael Solano Landata, 33, was arrested. on suspicion of murder and expected in court later this week. Castro family says Landata is father of Castro 1-year-old daughter and claims to have insulted Castro. Marty Castro, Karina Castro’s father said he raced towards her home seeing on in news that the woman was killed in San Carlos; he said he found out at his place daughter was dead.

“If there is anyone out there they abuse your daughter don’t take it off. Don’t let it go. Don’t take no for answer,” Marty Castro told KGO. “Do you feel responsible, no matter what anyone says”.

Karina Castro 7-year-old and 1-year- old daughters with Child Protective Services, Marty Castro said, and he hopes to bring them into his care. Community Foundation of San Carlos is accepting donations in trust for in children.

“I just want thank everyone who donated help my daughters’ children, my beautiful grandchildren who lost their mother meaningless useless person,” wrote Marti Castro. on GoFundMe for in family. “Thanks everyone, it’s money will help them and help us give my daughter A funeral to remember that I’m devastated and broken and more hurts more than i ever thought i could be in this situation but thanks everyone for help us and worst time of our lives.”

People with information regarding this case, you can contact San Mateo County Deputy Sheriff David Brandt at [email protected] or call 650-333-8195. The investigation is ongoing.

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