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Battlefield 2042 launches October 22, beta planned

The new Battlefield game is called Battlefield 2042 and will be released on October 22.
That was announced during a livestream this afternoon. The game is multipayer focused and coming to consoles and PC. On PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S 128 player battles are possible – on Xbox One and PS4 it is 64 players and smaller maps. Dice and EA will invite “Battlefield veterans” to a closed technical play test in early July. An open beta should follow sometime before October for everyone.The game focuses on a large-scale war in which the United States and Russia play an important role. The world is irrevocably changing and that results in bizarre climates. Players control an elite group hired by these countries. One can control so-called ‘Specialists’. These classes have their own specialties and their loadout is fully customizable. There are ten different Specialists in total. Battlefield 2042 is built around three core modes. All-Out Warfare comes closest to the Battlefield that players know, with “the biggest maps ever” for the franchise. It involves seven gigantic maps. In Hazard Zone, squads are used, so the game has to attack very differently. The third mode is being developed by Dice LA and should be a “new kind of game type”. It will be revealed during EA Play Live on July 22.EA has confirmed that Battlefield 2042 will work with seasons and that each season will receive a Battle Pass featuring both free as paid tiers. Each season should both propel the game’s story and offer new content. In the first year there are four seasons and therefore four Battle Passes on the schedule. This includes new Specialists and locations.Learn more about Battlefield 2042 in this expanded preview.

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