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Battlefield 2042 could be the ultimate fan service

After two world wars, Battlefield returns to its most popular setting: modern, slightly futuristic and high-tech warfare. Gamer.nl was present at the unveiling and after a frustrating question time we unfortunately know much less than we had hoped. Fortunately, what we already know justifies the necessary enthusiasm.
A modern setting, or just create a slightly futuristic van. Battlefield 2042 is set in 2042. The world is not yet completely unlivable, but it is well on its way. Scarcity of raw materials and various climate disasters are the order of the day. The so-called No-Patriates grow out of the former soldiers among the countless refugee flows. In short, No-Pats – or professional armed forces – that do not represent a nation, but in 2040 are deployed all over the world by both the United States and Russia to fight their conflicts.

That’s a relatively large amount of explanation for the setting of Battlefield 2042 and in the presentation it went even deeper. It may suggest a single player campaign, but it will not come. This will be an exclusive multiplayer party. It does explain why all weapons, gadgets and vehicles are more or less recognizable: from existing advanced material to ultra-advanced, but ultimately still believable stuff.

Battlefield 2042 could be the ultimate fan service

The magic number is 128

Little has changed in the basic formula as it concerns the ‘All Out War’ part of Battlefield 2042. In it you will find modes such as the well-known Conquest (domination) and Breakthrough (attackers advance sector after sector, while defenders have different ideas about that). For the veterans, it’s familiar stuff, but now on much larger maps, with room for 128 players. At least, for those who play the game on PC, PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X and S. The PS4 and Xbox One versions get exactly the same gameplay, but on slightly scaled-down maps for two teams of 32 players each.
More or bigger isn’t always better, but those who want to keep it up in this specific case haven’t seen the trailer and first gameplay footage yet. Or has never advanced across the virtual battlefields of Battlefield 1 with 32 players, to now translate that into double with a grin. We’re also curious about how the developer promises to create multiple clusters within each sector on the maps. Hot zones, which range from (thus letting you choose between) claustrophobic chaotic close quarters combat

to tactical or more remote gameplay.

Drop a tank

Since it has Battlefield in the title, it goes without saying that most levels will works with a mix of land, water, and air vehicles. We’ve already seen fighter jets, different helicopter variants, battle boats, quads, tanks and more armored cars than a player without an anti-tank weapon would be comfortable with. As the maps are larger, each player can now drop a land vehicle on their location while supplies last. Or why not: right on the head of such an annoying sniper!

Also back are the so-called Levolution Events. Events that are sometimes, sometimes not, triggered by players and disrupt both the appearance and accessibility of a large area of ​​battlefield. We saw the wall of a supertanker collapse, a sandstorm reduce visibility and a tornado that follows different routes, transforming man, machine and the proverbial toilet bowl into a potentially deadly high-velocity projectile. There were also hints that the rocket launch on the Orbital map could go catastrophically wrong.

All your sandbox

So much for the – by no means unimportant – scaling and variations on the classic Battlefield theme. Less classic is how Battlefield 2042 changes the class system. Now you can choose from ten Specialists at release, but more will follow later. They have their own name and a unique ‘trait’ and ‘speciality’ – read: gadget or skill – that push them into a certain role. Think of a grapple hook, wingsuit, drone and pistol with healing or even reviving darts. In Battlefield 2042, each Specialist can also use any weapon.

Please take the time to process that. Ready? Okay, because the freedom to create your own gameplay and gunplay goes even further. For example, you can now adjust your weapon configuration at any time – preferably safely in cover – with the new Plus system. Conquered an objective just after intense close combat, but are you now pulling in a more exposed part of the map? Then you just put a stronger sight on your rifle, exchange that short barrel for a longer one and replace the shotgun underneath with a smoke grenade launcher? Battlefield always went for a sandbox experience, an arena in which you largely determined your own experience. The upcoming installment promises to limit you even less in that destructive, violent and murderous creative freedom.

And also…

So much for the most important news. We’ll probably go into more detail about the announced maps and Specialists later, but we’ll still give a few crumbs of info that we were able to extract from the question session after the performance. For example, the drone of one of the Specialists can be deployed autonomously. Something they’re trying to implement with more gadgets so you can reap the benefits without taking your finger off the trigger.
You will also unexpectedly get the option to Most modes can be played solo or with your squad, with the rest of the 64 or 128 players being augmented by AI. That is ideal for getting to grips with the map and mechanisms. More good news: only cosmetic stuff is behind the Premium paywall, everything else is available to download or unlock for everyone. Finally, we hear the fans asking about dedicated servers … and can we answer that affirmatively!

Still double

Almost every image and ounce of hard information we’ve heard about Battlefield 2042 promises the best for the game. Nevertheless, we closed the presentation with a slightly mixed feeling. That has everything to do with how much Electronic Arts and Dice were not yet willing to tell. For example, the All Out War is only one of the three parts that make up Battlefield 2042. We only know the name of the second: Hazard Zone. That promises “a totally new Battlefield experience”, will be the only part that will already be playable pre-release and is not a battle royale mode.

Then comes a third part, which will only be revealed during EA Play on July 22 and promises “a love letter to fans from the very beginning”. A remaster of one or more of the first games for next-gen consoles? Who will say? When asked if some sort of free-to-play mode is also in the works, the evasive answer was so bumblingly negative that everyone heard yes, but we don’t know what or how yet. Same for cross play. But hey, even if there is currently only a tip of the veil lifted above a third of what Battlefield 2042 will be, it’s just the part fans have been looking forward to since Battlefield 4

This preview is Written by Raf Picavet, Battlefield 2042 is out October 22 for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X and S, and Xbox One.

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