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Battery production problems: Tesla Cybertruck could cost a million dollars

Tesla Cybertruck. (Photo: Tesla)
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According to Tesla boss Elon Musk, a cybertruck could cost a million US dollars apiece if the company cannot get the production of the new 4680 battery cells under control.

The optically extremely unusual Cybertruck is to be produced from 2022 and at a price around $ 50,000 will be sold. That was the previous assumption. On the occasion of the presentation of the quarterly figures, Musk warned that each Cybertruck could cost “literally a million dollars”.

4680 battery production problems not resolved

That only applies if Tesla the existing problems with the production of the modern 4680 battery cell presented on the occasion of Battery Day last autumn cannot be solved. Both the Cybertruck and the Semi-Truck, the Tesla tractor under development, are designed around the 4680 cell.

Should Tesla only be able to build the Cybertruck in small series because the cells are not available in the appropriate quality and number , Musk believes that this would have an extreme effect on the unit price. The Tesla boss could even imagine prices in excess of a million dollars. Economies of scale from mass production are important elements in keeping the costs for the individual vehicle under control, Musk pointed out.

Perspective for 4680 cell unclear

When the issues with the mass production of the 4680 cells will be resolved, Musk cannot say. There have been many nightly meetings with suppliers to find ways to secure volume production. However, it remains difficult to estimate when the last technical problem will be permanently resolved.

Tesla is currently sticking to its plan to start production of the Cybertruck by the end of this year. Tesla recently postponed the semi-truck to 2022. By the end of this year, a production is to be built that enables the production of five semis per week.

Global shortage of microchips does not reduce profitability

Added to this is the global shortage of microchips, which is putting pressure on the entire technology sector, including Tesla. Setting up its own chip production would cost the car manufacturer “12 to 18 months” and that would be “lightning fast”, according to Musk.

The bottlenecks have not yet reduced the profitability of the manufacturer. The latest quarterly figures show that Tesla remains extremely successful in its core business of electricity production.

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