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Banco de Venezuela will return to work after 5 days without a system for its clients

Since Wednesday, September 15, Banco de Venezuela users have reported problems accessing their accounts at the entity. The bank issued a statement on Monday, September 20, stating that its services will be available again from 2 pm

The bank’s clients spent several days without being able to access your accounts. Of course, did not have the possibility to send, receive, withdraw or deposit money or make use of any other banking service. According to the information provided by the company, the problem has already been solved by the technical team.

This affects a significant number of people, taking into account that this state bank is the most important from the country. According to a June 2020 publication of the Ministry of the Public Power of Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade, Banco de Venezuela had more than 16 million clients at that time.

Banco de Venezuela Home Banking was not available on the morning of September 20. Source: Banco de Venezuela.

In a post on Twitter, the Sectorial Vice-Presidency of the Economy reported that the national financial system was the victim of an “attack terrorist ”that affected, among other entities, the Bank of Venezuela. In the letter, there is talk of a massive hack that intended to make the banking data disappear from the financial system.

In addition, the A statement published on September 17 details that the specialists were already working on the recovery and restitution of services phase, after having managed to deactivate the attack. Likewise, it was detailed that the State guarantees the protection of the bank’s customer data and the registration of its operations.

The Bank of Venezuela announced this Monday that the problems were resolved and that
would be operational within the day. Source: Twitter.

A serious incident for the population and how bitcoin could prevent it

There is no doubt that the collapse of a banking system can affect millions of people. For example, this can complicate the daily lives of many people who need to access their savings to buy food, medicine and other basic goods and services.

In a similar way, this seriously complicates the lives of those who must access an account at Banco de Venezuela to collect a social plan, such as a retirement. In this sense, so that pensioners can collect their salaries, all the offices of this bank in the country were enabled since Saturday, September 18, for the exclusive care of older adults.

A possible “escape route” to this type of inconvenience could be the adoption of a decentralized network that does not depend on a single server for its operation, like Bitcoin.

And Venezuelans seem to be accepting this hypothesis. As CriptoNoticias reported, knowledge of the main cryptocurrency continues to increase in the country. Not only 60% of the participants in a survey carried out in the country stated that they knew bitcoin (BTC), but also 28% of the 6,305 individuals consulted stated that they had made payments with this digital asset.

On the other hand, of this 60% who knew about the existence of the cryptocurrency designed by Satoshi Nakamoto, 6 out of 10 people (approximately 60%) They had basic to advanced knowledge. Coincidentally, the study was released on Friday, September 17, just when the national banking system was going through very difficult hours in terms of its operation.

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