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Balochistan flood victims cannot receive rations due to lack of of CNIC

  • Flood victims say the administration is asking for for their CNICs to receive rations.
  • Many victims lost everything in floods, including CNICs.
  • Heavy rain and flood fees in Balochistan reached 149.

LASBELAH: Recent floods in Balochistan caused by rains devastated homes of thousands of peopleespecially in district of Lasbella province.

Nonetheless flood the victims blamed the administration of treat them in humiliating fashion during giveaway of soldering by asking for original computerized national personality cards (CNICs).

Officials are reportedly looking for CNIC. for verification purposes, but the victims stated that they lost everything when they homes were flooded.

“Pack is coming for us but they ask for CNIC. We had a little cards but no for each. How can family of 10 survive on one cardration? one of told the victims Geo News.

The victim contacted the administration resolve this issue, adding that if they feel they are lying, they can check their homes to determine the amount of people in household.

“We’re standing here for diet. we got nothing [but] they push us out. We can talk to the tehsildar when we go inside,” said another victim. Geo News.

On the other hand, when Geo News reached out to the administration to get their version, they managed to find only empty offices.

So far losses from heavy rains and floods in Balochistan reached 149.

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has visited the province on numerous occasions. times after the rains caused chaos on provinces. He said that government working day and night to help affected.

Earlier this week, the prime minister assured that the victims rescued from flood- affected areas.

Prime Minister Shahbaz also claimed that federal, provincial and other institutions were involved in relief efforts, while medical camps were set up to contain viral diseases.

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