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Bad bureaucracy makes the US Department of Defense more vulnerable in cyberspace

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) released a report this week detailing issues identified in the Department of Defense’s (DoD) cyber incident management processes.

“In order to carry out this work, the GAO reviewed relevant guidelines, analyzed cyber incident samples and cyber incident reports submitted by the Defense Industrial Base (DIB), as well as data breaches reported by the Department of Defense, and interviewed 24 cyber security service providers US Department of Defense. , “The GAO conducted interviews with officials from the Department of Defense and cybersecurity service providers and convened two discussion forums with DIB companies,” the observer noted.

are cyber-attacked, with over 12,000 cyber incidents since 2015. Although the Department of Defense has established two processes for handling cyber incidents (one for all incidents and one for critical incidents), neither has been fully implemented. Mostly gaps in the notice were found, the GAO writes. assigning such responsibility will also ensure that DoD leadership is better informed about the department’s cybersecurity status.

The report also notes that since the Department of Defense has not yet decided whether vendors should be made aware of all relevant stakeholders […] the ability to identify system threats and address system weaknesses may be missed.”

The report contains six recommendations aimed at improving the management of cyber incidents by the US Department of Defense: setting responsibility for oversight of incident reporting and notification, company-wide transparency of cyber incident reporting, recommendations for reporting Incident Reports provide to share information about DIB-related cyber incidents with relevant parties, encourage DIB companies to report on cyber incidents, and document notifications of data protection incidents.

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