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Ayodhya trip canceled as a trap was being set for me, says MNS President Raj Thackeray at the Pune gathering

after two days he called off Suggested visit to AyodhyaMaharashtra President Navnirman Sena (MNS) Raj Thackeray on Sunday allegedly forced to take decision in view of A “trap” has been set for He and his workers in the future of election season in Maharashtra.

“these who shake me announcement To visit Ayodhya they were planning to put down Trap…,” said the movement’s chief while addressing a morning crowd in the overflowing Ganesh Kala Kridha Manch district. in Pune city. Elections of 14 municipalities and 25 guests with guidance and scores of Gram panchayats are past due in Maharashtra.

“When I tweeted that my visit to Ayodhya had been placed on Curb for Now, he didn’t do much like Some took Butchouts. allowed some people to keep talking about it for Two days later I decided to clarify my position for Maharashtra and the country.

put record Raj Thackeray said directly, “That was my day made The announcement About clouds down Speakers from mosques, I had also announced I will visit Ayodhya. After that a lot happened. It was said that I would not be allowed into Ayodhya. I was watching all this… I was watching it information From Mumbai, Delhi and even Uttar Pradesh…People were telling me exactly what was going on. Then I realized that this was a trap… should Don’t stop… it all started in Maharashtra, all of this had to do with Maharashtra.”

Remembering the demolition of Head of MNS at Babri Mosque said, “After Kar Sivak from all over the country who Went to Ayuda and killed, I saw the visuals of Their bodies are floating in Sharayo River on doordarshan. me wanted To go to Ayodhya not only for darshan of Ram Janmapumi, but I also wanted to visit place Where Kar Sivak was killed and they had darshan.”

Raj said that if he had decided to continue visiting Ayodhya, NSS workers and many Hindus would have followed him. If anything happens, our boys will give back. After that, they would slap the cases on Our workers and leaders who was going to be put in jail. They could have been arrested in Legal entanglement. All this was going to happen at that time of The election in The state… All this was a trap. I was not want To lose my children at that time of Election, I didn’t want To lose my strength… I was ready for Violations, you are ready for it face Criticism for this I canceled the visit to Ayodhya for Now,” he said.

Raj confirmed his claim, saying, “One deputy (Brij Bhushan Singh) has… up And challenges The Chief Minister (of above). Really possible? There are many shades to this….” Singh had threatened to ban Raj Thackeray from Ayodhya if he did not apologize. for attack on north Indians in Mumbai in 2008.

The leader of the movement said he was asked to apologize for What happened 14 years ago. “You are awake up Now… 14 years later? You are assigning a file bad precedent. If I have to apologize, then who will apologize for 2017 incident that took place in Gujarat. in thousands of north Indians from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar were asked to leave Gujarat after a rape incident there. They all came to Mumbai and then went back for them homes. Who will say sorry for This,” he asked, urging the crowd to understand politics behind all of this. “these who You shook my position on Speakers and Hindutva do all of this.

Referring to independent MP Navnit Rana and MLA husband Ravi Rana said, “They decided to detain Hanuman Chalisa in In front of me of mashri… is mashri a mosque? …I said Hanuman Chalisa should recite in In front of me of Mosques where loudspeakers are violated rules. “

Raj Shiv Sainiks said they have office-bearers should try to find out out What is happening. “After giving speeches on Hindutva in Mumbai, they go to Ladakh and eat together and take pictures… It’s all a drama,” he said. He was referring to Chef Sena leader Sanjay Raut. who met Ranas during a scheduled visit to Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir. Reut and Navnit Rana were a part of Send permanent parliamentary committees to review the work of government departments.

attack Chief Minister Udhav Thackeray, leader of the movement, said, “What kind of This childish behavior? My Hindutva real And yours is fake… It’s so like saying tamari camise hamari camise c safed cays… (How is your shirt brighter than mine)? Is Hindutva washing powder? Hindus want results that we present to them. We believe we are Marathi Manus in results. “

Multiply back In the Chief Minister it is alleged that he has left All his frenzy is in the middle of-wayRaj Thackeray said he carried his every move to their logical conclusion. “The current Animation with loudspeakers achieved 92-94 percent success. rampage for They are calling for closure of Saw number nakas 64-70 of Being shut down in the state. we succeeded in Stop loot of people. after our agitation against Pakistani artists in Bollywood, they were thrown out of Country. Even when our police personnel Muslims crushed it who came from outside During the instigation of Raza Academy in Mumbai, was MNS who He came to save them.”

Asked Chief Minister,” Are you facing Even one case related to a frenzy? … no want to take any position.

Regarding the renaming of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar, Raj Thackeray said, “The Chief Minister saysRe-name already taken place… who are you? Are you Valabhai pant or Mahatma Gandhi…” he said real being issues side-Track it. “Places like Aurangabad and Jalna do not have access to water for 10 days, but these topics are never discussed.” out.

The head of the movement urged the prime minister to bring in common civil law and population The Censorship Act, along with the renaming of Aurangabad to Sambhajinagar.

Raj Thackeray, Chairman of the National Transitional Congress, Sharad Pawar on to addSharad Pawar probably believed that Aurangzeb was a Sufi saint; Afzal Khan came for Expansion purpose… Power abnormalities history to suit his political convenience.” Rep. Shiv Sena said he lost the election in 2019 for MIM Candidate. “Sina is not so ashamed,” he said.

He continued without naming Aditya Thackeray, “Someone said no companion would have been happy to see Sena as a part of Maha Vikas Agadi (MVA). By doing so, Sena is only raising a question mark on Sena supremo credibility.” Aditya made The comment on Friday.

Raj Thackeray revealed that around 28,000 notices have been sent to PSS workers for their agitation against Amplifiers. “But these who Loudspeakers, they are called for discussions.”

MNS chief said through a megaphone problem no longer for Now, they’ll have to remain on Warning. Loud of Loudspeakers have arrived from mosques down. but we should It is not easy to rest. we should He is on Guard, lest they restart problem in a step-by-step manner,” he said.

Thackeray also He revealed that he will undergo surgery for femur disease on 1 June. “Then, I will need sometimes for recovery. And then I will do it once again He said, before telling the social media workers that he was going to give them a letter should Taken to every home in the state.


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