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Axie Infinity sneaks into Venezuela's electoral campaign

Electoral campaigns, as usual, gather promises of improvements in the quality of life of their citizens, but they no longer only offer transportation, security or food. A Venezuelan candidate for governor in the north of that country has decided to offer scholarships for the Axie Infinity video game.

“I feel that by helping young people to build multiple sources we ensure economic stability for their families” , stated Alejandro Terán, official candidate for the state of La Guaira in the elections that will be held tomorrow, November 21 .

Also proposes the creation of a «Technical Training Center for Mining and Digital Crypto Assets Administration», for the training of scholarship holders in «the NFT world».

Axie Infinity is very popular in Venezuela , among other things because the country has one of the lowest minimum wages in the world, just under $ 5 per month and accumulated inflation that in September reached 525.7 %, according to the Venezuelan Finance Observatory.

Faced with such a scenario, many people have been forced to leave their formal jobs to engage in informal trade or other economic activities, but the video game created in Asia has been the salvation for many Venezuelans who do not make ends meet.

The popularity of Axie Infinity in Venezuela makes it reach the electoral campaign of the ruling party. Source: adobe.stock.

Last July, CriptoNoticias portrayed the reality of a Venezuelan family that supplemented their income to be able to feed themselves and pay for services with the obtained in Axie Infinity through a grant .

«This fortnight Axie Infinity saved us. I made 200 dollars and with that we are going to make a market “, said one of the members of that family.

It is worth remembering that the video game is an application where players raise, fight and exchange digital creatures called Axies, very similar to the theme of Pokemon, with the difference that you can earn money.


Among Terán’s proposals, there is no information that indicates how the Internet connection problems faced by La Guaira , as well as the rest of the states of Venezuela, a basic requirement to play Axie Infinity.

Currently, Venezuela has the second slowest internet on the continent , with an average broadband speed of 5.85 Mbps, reaching levels of p African countries. The first on the list is Cuba, according to a report by the Venezuelan journalist Arnaldo Espinoza.

«While in mobile connection speed, Venezuela is in the penultimate place in the world, with an average of 5 , 64 Mbps, only surpassing East Timor », added Espinoza.

Axie Infinity and cryptocurrencies are the escape route

The economic crisis that Venezuela is experiencing forces people to look for alternatives to generate money by their own means, moving away from the promises or plans made by political leaders.

For some Venezuelans Risking gambling or investing in cryptocurrencies has paid off. In an analysis made by this medium, it was revealed how some Axie Infinity traders and players have invested in the hit Venezuelan real estate market.

So far, there is no record of how many operations to acquire properties with bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies have been carried out in Venezuela. From the Real Estate Chamber of Venezuela they indicated that they are private transactions that are not reported and it is a wave that has reached the South American country.

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