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Awareness campaigns on Mandaviya says, monkeypox is running, don’t panic in RS

Nor of for him party As asked by the deputies of All Parties join Workout at 8.30 am.

At the meeting, BJP Chairman JP Nada out Host of exercises for The party Members during a week-long program starting August 9 in The run up August 15, 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

A week after they commented about the house for “Unruly” behavior, speaker Lok Sabha, Umm Birla on Monday canceled the comment of Four members of Congress, after obtaining confirmation from the opposition that they will not bring banners to the House of Representatives. Perla also He warned members that he will take strict measures against those who violated rules of The procedure, which prevents members from bringing any “exhibits” to the council.

Four members of Congress have been suspended – Manekam Tagore, Ramya Haredas, Tin Prataphan, and S. Guthimani last Monday from LS for the rest of monsoon session for Carrying banners and raising slogans inside the house.

monsoon session of Parliament has seen little business since i started on July 18 as the House of Representatives remained at a standstill over Opposition protests that insisted on taking up Discussion on price rise and other issues.

members of Congress and DMK on Monday walked out of Lok Sabha, expressing dissatisfaction over The reply of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in discussion on price rise. in the middle of Sitraman reply to the members of Congress out of the home. A few minutes later, DMK members also He walked out as a sign of Protest.

Later spoke to reporters outside House of Representatives, Congressman Manish Tiwari, who The discussion started, he said according to government“There is no inflation like number one Jessica was killed. Everything is fine, this is your (governmentResponding to concerns raised by the opposition.” he is also The minister said the reaction was arrogant.

upload issue of LPG rise cost during the discussion on price rise in Lok Sabha, TMC member Kakuli Ghosh Dastedar on On Monday a little rough brinjal she had brought him with She told her she was wondering if government Wants “us Eat raw vegetables.

While members of the opposition questioned the seriousness of The government in to treat problem of Inflation, Dastedar said these who I got a disc under the scheme Ujjwala does not have money for Package.

members in Share Lok Sabha in discussion on price rise While Rajya Sabha will trade on The issue on Tuesday.

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