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Ava White texted mom as a schoolgirl dying

The alleged killer of Ava White wrote to his mother that he would “commit suicide.” up walk in cells for nothing”.

12-year-old Ava was stabbed in neck during a fight with teenager in Liverpool city Centre. Boy A, 14 years old, from Liverpool South, who can’t be called for legal reasons, refuses murder and manslaughter.

Prosecutors say he stabbed Ava after she pushed him during an argument. over he makes videos of her, which he posted on Snapchat. They claim that Boy A grinned and laughed and ran off, leaving her alone. die then began “cover up”throwing away the jackknife, designer coat and mobile Telephone.

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The jury heard Boy A takes charge for mortally wound Ava on November 25 last year but claims to have acted in self defense. second day of a trial at Liverpool Crown Court saw playing of footage from CCTV cameras of stabbing in School lane, not far from the Bluecoat, off Church alley, around 20:35.

The jury was later shown various clips of Boy A and one of his friends, boy B., aged 14, run away from the scene and head for out of in city Centre. Boy A threw a knife near abandoned houses and put on a designer coat. in blue bag in trash can on wheels.

The court learned that the knife was not seized by the police until March 16, after Boy A told the officers where to find it. DNA evidence matching Ava has been identified on blade.

Boy A’s other two friends, boy C, 16, and boy D, 13, went to the same area on in edge of in city the center where they split up. Boy D was later arrested at the bus stop. on Great George Street.

Frames have been played of three other boys go to Go Local Shop on Parliament Street around 9 pm. Boy A was shown. using his phone in in store.

Charlotte Newell QC, Attorney, about 15 minutes later stated that series of messages exchanged between boy A and his mother. The police went to her home and she called her son but he hung himself up.

Here are the messages I’ve read out in court today. They have been edited for legal reasons and censor swear words.

Ava White who died after being stabbed in Liverpool city Centre on Thursday, November 25


Boy A: “Why”

Boy A: “Hell”

Boy A: “Are they want me”

Mum: “Someone got stabbed in city, and they called me that you were there x”

Boy A: “What”

Boy A: “So I’ll have to go through the cells”

Boy A: “WTF”

Boy A: “Because they’ll have to interview”


Mum: “If you don’t come home you get the blame”

Boy A: “Me and Everyone”

Boy A: “That’s how I walk through the cells”

Mum: “No, not exactly x just to come home X”

Boy A: “Yeah, I’ll go through the cages”

Boy A: “F***al”

Ava White texted mom as a schoolgirl dying
Church alley was closed off after the stabbing
(Image: Liverpool ECHO)

nine. 19 pm

Boy A: “Do not walk in the cells for I haven’t done yet”


Mum: “So that you need to get here talk to them tell me where you are and they will make you bring you home Because if you prove that you weren’t in the city then

Boy A then sent a photo to his mother. Miss Newell said she had a big TV on. in home address.


Boy A: “Game of game me show they can talk to me here i will show their proof is here”

Mum: “Can they come to boy C’s apartment to talk to you x”


Boy A: “Not”

Boy A: “Mum”

Boy A: “See if you send them here”

Boy A: “Half 10 I’ll home well”

Boy A: “Not really”

Boy A: “I’m not there, I’ll be lost”

Boy A: “End”

Boy A: “Up the cages for nothing”


Mum: “You won’t be locked up up if you were not there, then you need your friends to be here so you need to talk to [name redacted] and [name redacted] and the boy’s mother D. for to be your alibi that I am want in city ​​tonight and I’ve been in Boy C’s all night, do you have any pictures or screenshots around 8 o’clock when you were in Boy Si”


Mum: “Hi x answer me son X”

Mum: “Will you talk to me, please?”


Boy A: “I will not go home”

Boy A: “Do not walk in the cells”

Mum: “Why are you going to the cells if you weren’t there only want talk to you x


Mum: “Stop panicking x”

Mum: “It wasn’t you and if you go missing you look guilty x”

Mum: “Just now home and sort it out please x


Boy A: “No, because I won’t go to the cell”

Mum: “They only want ask you a question if you know something about it x

Boy A: “Mom, I know in way they raided Boy C [relative’s] so me and Boy C get stolen”

Boy A: “I won’t go to the fucking cells”

Miss Newell said that 15 minutes later, at 10:16 pm, Ava White was announced dead in the hospital. Boy A was arrested in Toxteth at 22:31.



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