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Attempts are being made to pit the army, judges against PTI, says Imran


PTI chairman and ousted prime minister Imran Khan on Tuesday claimed efforts were being made made transform the judiciary and the army against his.

Speech at a rally in Peshawar, he defended his three-day-old statement by saying he was talking about being appointed chief of the army on merit, because “thieves” could not be empowered to appoint him.

The head of PTI also claimed to have spoken against Judge for additional and sessions Zeba Chaudhry because of “torture” inflicted on his assistant Dr. Shahbaz Gill in in police custody.

“I respect the judiciary and all courts and can never think of threatening any judge, he added.

Imran claimed that the efforts made to cause clash between him party and institutions.

He repeated that he would more dangerous if pushed against in wall.

Chairman of PTI once again said the nation should be ready when give in last call for “real freedom”.

“Everyone will have to come together and we will redeem the country of “corruption gangs” and “three puppets”, added, apparently referring to the trio of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari and JUI-F head Maulana Fazlur Rehman.

The ex-premier also said that current government was introduced as part of an American plot to weaken the nation.

He said that the day will come when the Pakistanis will go abroad, they will be appreciated there.

However, he added that while these “thieves” were sitting on upstairs, our passports could never be respected.

He argued that if Shehbaz was honorary prime minister he would first bring back his assets from abroad and then ask world for money.

This was stated by the head of PTI. current rulers knew they couldn’t win elections.

“So now they are hatching conspiracies – trying to disqualify me, calling me a terrorist and trying to turn the judiciary into against PTI, he said. added.
The head of PTI said he stressed that need for choice of army commander on merit, and it was rule of in world.

He added that he opposed the appointment of PML-N supreme leader Nawaz Sharif and Zardari as commander-in-chief of the army because neither the “fugitive” nor the person whose money as well as assets were overseas.

Imran said that this is his country and army.

“The stronger the army, the stronger the country,” he said. added.
He claimed that his party after coming back in power will strengthen institutions of country.

“If we criticize the army, we do it for this is improvement”, he concluded.

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