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Atlantaarea YES. says Senator Graham’s Testimony Is Crucial in criminal probe

Atlanta area the district attorney is conducting criminal the study of Republican efforts to cancel the 2020 presidential election results in Georgia claimed in on Friday, the court filed an application that Senator Lindsey O. Graham (RS.C.) should appear before special grand jury next week, despite his call to postpone his testimony.

In a statement from the Fulton County Attorney’s Office, which leading investigation in action of former President Donald Trump and his allies have argued that Graham’s delay also “postpone revelation of whole category of relevant witnesses”, pushing back timeline of investigation.

Graham formally appealed the judge’s order requiring him to testify. on Tuesday. Fulton County District Attorney Fanny Willis (D) expressed interest in asking Graham about the conversations he had in commemoration of 2020 election with Secretary of Georgia of State of Brad Raffensperger (right), among others.

Graham’s lawyers described Willis’s investigation as a fishing expedition and said his contacts with Raffensperger were consistent. with his duties as a senator.

United States District Judge who issued an order, Lee Martin May denied Graham’s request for Friday stay as well as his request for emergency hearing.

“Senator Graham’s arguments are completely unconvincing, and they don’t even show ‘substantial arguments’. on on the merits,” the judge wrote.

Question of does Graham testify up to the 11th U.S. District Court of Appeals, after the senator filed an appeal on Wednesday.

Willis’ statement office tries to reverse Graham’s argument about why he qualifies for a reprieve on this is head.

“Senator Graham insists that he is trying to delay his appearance before the Special Purpose Grand Jury, not just for for myself, but also for for the sake of of separation of powers, federalism and for the people,” the statement said. “The special grand jury, however, is the people: the assembly of citizens gathered together perform their civil duty on on behalf of of their neighbors and families. … The District Attorney is asking this court to deny Senator Graham’s motion. in an order that he, for one day, can help them in what great assignment without further delay.”

Democrat Joe Biden won Georgia at nearly 12,000 people votes flipping fortunes after a long line of Republican victories in presidential elections.

The Willis investigation comes after reports that Trump and his allies have been calling Georgia officials seeking to cancel the state’s elections. results. It has expanded to include name submission efforts of Trump Electors in multiple states to Washington in hope of delay or termination of certification of Biden’s election victory.

Willis named Graham who serves on Senate Judiciary Committee, as part of her investigation into what she called “a multi-state, coordinated plan for Trump’s campaign to influence results of elections in November 2020 in Georgia and other countries.

Giuliani – target in Ga. criminal probe of elections 2020, lawyer says

While Graham continues efforts to kill his agenda, member of Congress who once raised similar objections, Rep. Jody Hayes (R-Georgia) testified before grand jury for more than two hours Wednesday.

“Congressman already gave his testimony,” said his lawyer, Chris Gobert. “We do not expect the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office to seek additional information from us. We expect our client role in this process over”. Gobert declined provide details.

Like Graham, Hayes sought kill subpoena citing constitutional protection of point of speech or debate. The judge hearing Graham’s lawsuit is Lee Martin May. of Northern District of Georgia rejected Hayes’ offer. Hayes is Trump’s ally who repeated false claims of widespread electoral fraud since the 2020 election, and in his failed bet for Georgia secretary of state.

Related Arguments by Two State Republicans—Georgia Lieutenant Governor Jeff Duncan and former State Senator William Lygon also failed in state court. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney wrote that any legislative defense ends with in grand jurors “power to question witnesses about possible criminal interference in elections by others”.

Willis requested special grand jury it year. The meeting started in June and determined more than 100 people of interest. panel heard testimony from Raffensperger and his staff, Georgia Attorney General Christopher M. Carr (right), state legislators and local election officials.

Giuliani appears before Georgia grand jury in pre-election investigation

On Wednesday, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani showed up. for six hours before grand jury, highest-participant profile of Trump’s inner circle will appear earlier grand jury. Giuliani was told this week that he was being targeted. of request.

No it’s not clear what Giuliani said in its closed appearance.

Separately, Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R) filed a 121-page petition late Wednesday night stating that a wide-ranging investigation is ongoing.”for unlawful political purposes”, and asks the court kill subpoena demanding his testimony later this month.

Matt Brown in Georgia contributed to this report.

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