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At least 10 dead42 injured by wave of weekend mass shootings in USA continues

From Friday to Sunday night, at least 10 mass shootings took place across the country, making this the fourth weekend in a row. in that U.S. law enforcement officials responded to multiple incidents, each involving four or more the victims were shot.

Filming this weekend left minimum 10 people dead and 42 wounded in 10 cities, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a site that tracks shootings across the country. website defines a mass shooting as a single incident involving four or more victims, which differs from the FBI’s definition of a single incident in what four or more people, not counting the suspect, are killed.

String of Incidents with mass casualties began on weekends in a row over Memorial Day holidaywhen at least 17 shots left a total of 13 dead and 79 wounded in cities across the country including Philadelphia, Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Memphis and Chattanooga, Tennessee. Last weekend there were at least 11 shootings with mass casualties. total of 17 dead and 62 wounded throughout the country.

Since May 14, suspected of racial motives attack in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York left 10 black people dead and 18-year-old white teenager charged with multiple counts of There have been at least 68 mass shootings across the country, including the May 24 shooting at Robb Elementary School. in Uvalde, Texas in in which, according to the Archive of Gun Violence, 19 students and two teachers were killed.

10 weekend mass shootings leave 10 dead42 wounded

ABC News

In addition to the carnage this weekend there was a mass shooting in Los Angeles, Denver, New Orleans, Detroit, Louisville, Kentucky; Decatur, Georgia; South Fulton, Georgia, Antioch, Tennessee; Gary, Indiana; as well as for third weekend in a row in Chicago.

This weekend’s shooting went like a bipartisan group of US Senators announced Sunday that they reached an agreement on in framework of plan to rein in what Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, DN.Y., called ” gun The epidemic of violence that has engulfed our country and terrorized our children for too long”.

7 shots, 3 fatal, in LA warehouse party

Shooting erupted in party held in Los Angeles warehouse early sunday, three left people dead and four others were hospitalized, police said.

The Los Angeles Police Department said officers responded to the message around 00:30. of man shot at warehouse in Boyle Heights, where they found three people dead as well as one man with a gunshot wound. Police later learned that three more firearm victims were taken to hospitals. in private cars.

An LAPD spokesman said the shooting had stopped. out during “some of party or event.”

motive for The shooting is under investigation, no arrests have been made. announced.

Shooting at Indiana nightclub leaves 2 dead4 injured

A man and a woman were killed and four patrons were injured in a shootout at a nightclub early Sunday morning. in Gary, Indiana, according to police.

The shooting took place around 2 a.m. at Playo’s nightclub, the Gary Police Department said. in statement.

When the officers arrived at the nightclub, they found 34-year- An elderly man at the entrance is unresponsive and suffering from gunshot wounds, authorities said. In a nightclub, the police found 26-year- an old unrequited woman, who It was also was shot dead, police said.

The two mortally wounded were taken to Methodist Hospital in Northlake, where they were ascertained. dead, according to the police. Lake County, Indiana, Coroner office identified them as Ja’Neese Quinn, aged 26, of Merrillville, Indiana and Jonte Dorsey, 34 of Joliet, Illinois, according to ABC station WLS-TV. in Chicago.

Four others people were shot in incident, including one who was seriously injured, police said.

There were no arrests announced and motive for the shooting remained under investigation.

4 wounded in Residents of New Orleans street shooting

At least four people were injured when gunfire broke out on a street in Authorities said it was in New Orleans early Sunday morning.

The shooting unfolded around 4 am at the crossroads. in Mid City section of New Orleans, four left men with According to the New Orleans Police Department, injuries to the neck, knee, elbow and hand in statement. All victims were taken to hospitals in private vehicles- said the police.

No additional information on the shooting was released.

Denver party shooting leaves 2 dead4 wounded

Two people were shot death and four others were injured in the shootout out early Sunday at house party in Denver, according to the Denver Police Department.

Police said the shooting happened around 1:19 a.m. When the police arrived, they found two victims dead and four others received gunshot wounds, authorities said.

Names of deceased victims were not immediately released

motive for shooting remains under investigation. No suspects have been identified, police said.

Five teenagers shot to death near bridge in Louisville

Five teenagers were injured on Saturday as a result of shelling of shooting was opened on a group of people gathered near the bridge of the Big Four in Downtown Louisville, Kentucky, according to the Louisville Police Department.

PHOTO: Silhouette people sit by the river like a beauty of Louisville like a riverboat passes under the Big Four bridge in Louisville, Kentucky June 19, 2021

Silhouette people sit by the river like a beauty of Louisville like a riverboat passes under the Big Four bridge in Louisville, Kentucky June 19, 2021

John Cherry/Getty Images, FILE

Shooting happened just after 21:00 and arriving officers found three teenagers with gunshot wounds, including one critically wounded, LMPD Major Brian Couriger said at news conference on Saturday. Two other teenagers with taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries in a private vehicle said.

There were no arrests announced.

7 wounded in shooting in suburban Atlanta house party

At least seven people were injured when the shooting broke out out in house party in suburban Atlanta on Saturday evening, authorities said.

The shooting occurred around 23:15 in a residential building. in South Fulton, the South Fulton Police Department told ABC affiliate station WSB-TV. in Atlanta.

Preliminary investigation points to the shooter, who still not identified up in house and started shooting at the party-goers, officials said.

The police said that all seven victims were hospitalized. with gunshot wounds, including one who was badly wounded.

motive for shooting remains under investigation, no arrests announced.

4 shots, 2 fatal, in Tennessee pool party

Two men were killed and two others were wounded when gunfire broke out out in pool party in suburban Nashville, Saturday night, police said.

Shooting happened just after 22:00 at the Hickory Hollow residential complex in Antioch, Tennessee, about 11 miles southeast of Nashville, police say.

Police sources told WKRN, an ABC affiliate. in Nashville what an exchange of shootout broke out during the birthday party it was going to on in the swimming pool of a residential complex pool.

Officers answer calls of shots fired found one the victim, whose name was not immediately disclosed, dead on the spot and other injured, according to police. Victim identified by police as 20-year-old Kalem Burford, was taken private car at Centennial Medical Center in Nashville where it was announced dead.

Two of the victims sustained non-life threatening injuries, police said.

Homicide investigators work to identify suspect or suspects and motive for shooting.

5 wounded in Chicago drive- shooting

Five people were injured one critical, in Saturday afternoon shooting on South side of Chicago, authorities said.

Episode unfolded in lane in the Gresham area, where group of people were collected, according to an incident report from the Chicago Police Department. Around 15:20 and car drove up to group and at least one passenger opened fire- said the police.

One victim was shot several times times and was taken to the hospital in critical state so far three men ranging in ages 24 to 42 hospitalized with According to police, the injuries are not life-threatening.

there were no arrests announced.

4 shots at a Detroit bachelor party

At least four people were shot on Saturday during a bachelor party party for short-term rent house in Detroit, police say.

The shooting started around 12:25. in Davison Schoolcraft District on West side of in city. The police said they were looking for for a black SUV, which, according to witnesses, was driving up front of in home and at least one passenger opened fire.

PHOTOS: People fill the Detroit Cities waterfront listening to speakers and marching in march for Our life Detroit event demanding gun laws of control in Detroit, June 11, 2022

People fill the Detroit Cities Riverfront listening to speakers and marching in march for Our life Detroit event demanding gun laws of control in Detroit, June 11, 2022

Kelly Jordan/Detroit Free Press via USA Network Today

All of the victims were treated in hospitals for According to police, the injuries are incompatible with life.

Not one was arrested in Incident.

1 killed, 3 injured in Georgia restaurant shooting

A 48-year- the old man was killed and three others men were injured when gunfire broke out out in a restaurant in Decatur, Georgia, according to police.

The preliminary investigation shows that fight over the woman escalated into a shooting around 11:30 p.m. Friday in Fletcher Place, restaurant in Gallery at South DeKalb Mall, according to the DeKalb County Police Department.

All four victims of the shooting were taken to area hospitals in take seriously critical condition, including man who was announced dead, the police said. The police identified the victim as Daletavius ​​McGuire.

Police told ABC partner station WSB-TV they suspect the shooting started when a drunk customer got into an altercation. over woman with either another client or employee.

there were no arrests announced.

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