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At AAP vs Delhi Lt Governor, Check Bus Purchase New Flashpoint

Delhi government she has hit back Saying that Lieutenant Governor decision They were politically motivated.

New Delhi:

The Deputy Governor of Delhi F. K. Saxena to open investigation in Delhi government’s purchase of 1,000 low floor buses, sparking new tension with nihilistic public party government Headed by Arvind Kejriwal. Delhi government It was alleged that the investigation was politically motivated and that the deputy governor should first clear its name of Corruption charges brought against for him.

central office of The investigation, or CBI, is tasked with conducting an investigation into purchase of 1,000 low floor buses by Delhi Transport, officials said.

The decision Handed over The case was submitted to the investigation agency on the recommendation of its head secretary Naresh Kumar.

The deputy governor has received a complaint in This June yearalleging corruption and irregularities in The appointment of Delhi Transfer minister as chief of Tender Committee and purchase of Buses and appointment of Delhi Integrated Multimodal Transport System (DIMTS) as management consultant to facilitate alleged wrongdoing in The purchase of buses.

The Deputy Governor sent this complaint to the First Secretary in July, and received a report from the First Secretary in Officials said in August.

The Secretary-General noted in his report that there are serious contradictions in Bidding process. “There is a grave violation of CVC and . Guidelines general financial rulesThe report said, adding that DIMTS was deliberate made Consultant to hide inconsistencies in Bidding process.

Based on on The sources said in the report that the Deputy Governor referred the complaint to the Central Bank of Iraq, adding that the Central Bank of Iraq already Conduct a preliminary investigation.

Mr. Saxena agreed to the clubbing of The current complaint with complaint already He is being investigated by the Central Investigation Agency.

Delhi government she has hit back Saying that the deputy governor decision They were politically motivated.

“Buses have never been purchased, and tenders have been cancelled. Delhi needs more educated LG. This guy has no idea what he’s signing on. LG is facing Lots of serious allegations of corruption. To distract attention, he makes such inquiries. All inquiries so far have not yielded any results results. After making petty complaints against Three Ministers (CM range CM and Satender Jain), he has now made complaint against the fourth ministerDelhi government He said.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) alleged that Mr Saxena abused his position and was awarded a contract for Interior Design of Khadi Hall in his mumbai daughter When he was the chairman of the board of directors of Village and Khadi Industries Corporation (KVIC).

Citing her allegations against “Hu .” said Mr. Saxena should first Reply to allegations of corruption against for him. Deputy Governor should first Answer the allegations of corruption against Himself. The ruler is accused of commit a fraud of 1400 Crore as Chairman of Khadi Village Industries Authority. During this, I gave the contract to him daughter without bidding.”

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