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Assistant Secretary-General of the Labor Union: The situation is foggy in Tunisia

The Assistant Secretary-General of the Tunisian Labor Union said that the union will not accept marginalizing its role or undermining its independence.

The Tunisian Labor Union also called on the Tunisian president to end what he described as the ambiguous situation in the country, criticizing President Kais Saied’s singularity in deciding Tunisia’s fate, he said. Today, Saturday, during a sit-down organized by the union in the government square in the Kasbah, the Tunisian Labor Union said that the country is experiencing a “curvature that we do not know its consequences.” Taboubi added, “We were sure that the July 25 measures were a decisive step on the path to correcting the democratic path, but we insisted that they be accompanied by a roadmap to end ambiguity and hesitation” in Tunisia. It is threatening to explode,” considering that “the absence of interaction with the national political and social forces will only lead to transforming the people into rival entities incapable of peaceful coexistence.” They have the right to know the course of the country,” adding that “the separation of powers, the revision of the electoral law, and the call for early, transparent and fair elections have become a necessity.”

The Federation’s Assistant Secretary-General, Sami Al-Tahri, affirmed earlier today that the Federation would not accept “marginalization” of its role in the country, nor “attempts to undermine its independence.”

In a related context, the implementation of The Free Constitutional Party today stood in solidarity in the eastern governorate of Sfax, against the backdrop of the waste crisis continuing in the region for more than 60 days.

Tunisian President Kais Saied decided Thursday to change The date of the celebration of the anniversary of the 2011 revolution is from January 14 to December 17 of each year, considering that the first date is inappropriate. On January 14, as it was announced in 2011.

Said justified his decision by saying that “the revolutionary explosion started from Sidi Bouzid, but unfortunately the revolution was contained until the people were excluded from expressing their will and from slogans.”

This happy step comes in light of the turbulent political climate in the country, following the Tunisian President’s decision on July 25 to freeze parliament’s work until further notice, lift the immunity of deputies and dismiss the prime minister.

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