Assault Weapons Ban: Senator Chris Murphy Doesn’t Think Democrats Have 60 votes to pass it


Democratic Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut Says Senate Democrats Don’t Have 60 votes it is necessary to advance the bill to ban assault weapons, but expressed optimism on CNN “State of Union” that something could be done in in next Congress if Democrats keep their seat in Georgia.

“I’m glad that President (Joe) Biden will push for us take vote on ban on assault weapons,” he told CNN’s Dana Basch. on Sunday morning. “In the House there is already passed it. he’s sitting in front of Senate. Is there 60 votes in Senate right now? Probably no. But let’s see if we can try to bring this number closer to 60, because possible. If we don’t have votes, then we’ll talk to [Senate Majority Leader Chuck] Sumer and maybe will come back next year, with maybe another senator and see if we can do better.”

Murphy also said there should be a conversation in US Senate on Law Enforcement Funding in counties that refuse to enforce state and national gun laws.

“They decided that they would essentially refuse to enforce the laws on books. it’s growing problem in this country,” he said. “And I think we’ll have to talk about it. in United States Senate. We want continue to fund law enforcement in counties that refuse to comply with state and federal gun laws?”

He added: “I’ll talk to my colleagues that our approach should be to it problem. But 60% of counties in this country refuses to comply with national gun laws, we have to do something about it.”

Recent LGBTQ shooting club in An assault weapon and a handgun were used in Colorado Springs, Colorado, while officials said the Walmart store shooter in Chesapeake, Virginia last armed for a week with pistol and several magazines.

Congress returns this week with overflowing to-do list list in lame duck sessionoriented first on must-pass government funding bill; and other priorities. But any action on gun legislation – in particular, the ban on assault weapons, which Biden has repeatedly called for – does not have votes to pass. And reality of divided Congress in next years session makes it highly unlikely that anything pass over in next two years.

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