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Assam moves HC against jinesh mivani, bail, court rap for He. She

On Monday, the Guwahati High Court overturned some of the comments made By the Barpeta County Court and its sessions while granting Release on bail to MLA Jignesh Mevani in Gujarat. The Supreme Court said the notes that were struck off were made “Without there being any materials on record”.

Assam government Has challenged the district court order and hearings, whether bail or notes made By the judge regarding the Assam Police.

Grant Bail for Miffany on Friday, District Court in Barbeta had cited “continued police abuses”. in The Guwahati High Court has urged the police to direct force To fix itself. “Transformation hard earned The court said that turning democracy into a police state is simply inconceivable, and if the Assam Police are thinking the same, it is the same perverted thinking.”

Some notes and notes in The system was very frustrating effect on workflow of Assam Police, so we decided challenge The order “Depujit Sekia, attorney general of Assam told The Indian Express.

In court, Saikia made those remarks made By the judge “not only weaken the morale of the police force But also cast doubt on it.” He said he would have a “series effect” on “Morale” of Assam police as well as the state of Assam.

By his order, Judge Devaches Baruah of The Supreme Court said that some observations (on Assam Police) “has nothing to do with this consideration of Bail application.” These notes were made without there being any materials on record on the basics of Which an educated judge can get made These notes, therefore, this court maintains the above notes until further orders, ” in his order.

The notes cited included Chakravarty’s request for the Supreme Court to consider the directive “Every single policeman personnel engaged / engaged in Law and order duty to wear body cameras install Surveillance cameras in vehicles While arresting an accused or taking the accused to some place for recovery of merchandise or other reasons, and also install Surveillance cameras inside all police stations. These measures should Considered “to prevent registration of false FIR like the present one and for give Police credibility version of repetitions like The arrest of Accused and accused who are trying escape From police custody at midnight, while the accused allegedly leading the police personnel to discover something and the police personnel firing And killing Or wounding such an accused, which has become a routine phenomenon in Country “.

The Supreme Court also struck down the portion where Chakravarty remarked that “the will of The victim “that the case” is artificial for the purpose of save the accused for The longer, the abuse of the process of Court and law.

“These results also For the first time after a workout of Jurisdiction of Court sessions in A procedure under Section 439, CRPC, and accordingly the aforementioned note also The Supreme Court said.

However, the court made it clear that the matter should Not “misunderstood” as accommodation on Bail given to Miffany, and added that the state of Assam was at large challenge Sort by public prosecutor.

Miffany, Independent MLA who have pledged support to Congress last September, Assam Police arrested Banaskantha district of Gujarat late on April 20 and drive to Guwahati next The morning after a complaint lodged by the BJP leader in kokragarh district over purported tweet against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

On April 25, Mivani was released on bail by the Kokrajhar Court, but was re-arrested in A new case has been filed in Barpetta neighborhood on the basics of Complaint from a police officer who accuse him of “Assault on her” and “insulting her modesty.” It was in The last case in which the Barbeta court had released him on bail.


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