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Ask Gamers Anything

By submitting a weekly questionnaire via the websites of Gamer.nl and Power Unlimited, we hope to gain insight into what concerns you. By studying your interests and activities, we can provide customization in terms of videos, texts and other content.

We really appreciate your participation and take your feedback seriously . We will therefore keep this research short, try to find a better balance between topics that benefit you and we both and will pay attention to formulating the questions, answers and options.

This week we have the results of the previous list. In the meantime, we are working behind the scenes to improve the concept of the studies; we’ll get to that later!

Audio Setup

Game sound is one of the most important parts of the gaming experience. Not only do you want to experience the music and action as well as possible, but localization is also essential in multiplayer games. That is why we were curious about the audio setup of our visitors this week.

Contrary to our expectations, the gaming headset is not the most popular piece of hardware, but a external speaker set. 34.8 percent indicates using speakers, sound bars or other external hardware. Nevertheless, the headset also remains popular: almost a third of the respondents say they mainly use a gaming headset and another 8.8 percent a headset that is not necessarily intended for games.

This shows a slight discrepancy between age groups: younger participants use a headset more often than older participants. Finally, a fair portion of our visitors usually just use the TV speakers: 23.8 percent .

Ask Gamers Anything

Buying Advice

Anyone who buys a headset obviously has a lot of aspects to pay attention to. We were curious about the single most important factor, of which audio quality is head and shoulders above the rest among headset users: 72.2 percent says this factor is the most important. The price and comfort are much less important, and hardly anyone buys a headset to make a splash.

We also asked who to advise headset users. if they are looking for a new model. No less than 86.3 percent of headset users prefer to be advised by major hardware platforms such as Hardware.info and Tweakers.net. Only 9.6 percent prefers to seek buying advice from gaming websites such as Gamer.nl and PU.nl. By the way, we did find a difference between both websites. For example, 57.1 percent of the participants who used the judgment of gaming websites originated from PU. nl, compared to 42.9 percent of Gamer.nl visitors.

Some say they seek advice from friends or family. There was also one respondent who works in a music store, where a lot of expertise is available. Cool!

Hardware News

Of course we also post hardware news on our websites, but do you find that interesting? Fortunately, only 15.8 percent say they don’t follow hardware news at all. The rest mainly follows news about one piece of specific hardware when they are interested in it, such as the Oculus Quest 2, or only in a number of categories. Exactly a quarter of the participants follow hardware news closely. This clearly shows that visitors to Gamer.nl are slightly more interested in hardware than visitors to PU.nl. We always see this trend.

We also asked which categories are the most interesting according to our visitors. Televisions are clearly the most popular ( 15.7 percent ), followed closely by audio hardware such as headsets and speakers ( 14.7 percent ). Slightly below that we find controllers and game PCs and laptops ( 12.3 and 11.4 percent) and approximately equal interest in VR glasses, video cards and monitors (about 10 percent). Storage and other PC components are not very popular with visitors.

Where do visitors find their hardware news? As with headset advice, tech websites with 37.2 percent are the most popular. However, the difference with gaming websites is much smaller this time: 30 percent says on sites like PU.nl and Gamer .nl news. Just as many people also indicate that they follow hardware news on YouTube.

The majority of our visitors indicate that they want to see more hardware news, provided it related to games ( 28.8 percent ). 20.1 percent want to see even more general hardware news on the sites. However, 26.1 percent say it’s this good, and a quarter don’t make it that much from. May also!

Quest 2

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