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Asiana Airlines discontinues sale of emergency exit row seats

Asiana Airlines has decided to stop selling tickets for seats near emergency exits on its lines following an accident that caused the door of one of its aircraft to open during landing.

Today, Sunday, Asiana said it has made the decision to stop selling seats located in front of the emergency exits of all A321-200 aircraft, starting today, as the company owns 11 aircraft of this type with 174 seats and 3 aircraft with 195 seats.

It should be noted that the aircraft that witnessed the accident contains 195 seats, with the A-31 seat located directly in front of the emergency exit.

And the Yonhap agency, citing the South Korean police, said that this decision was made as part of a series of security measures, and it will apply even when seats are filled, but did not specify the time frame for the implementation of the decision.

The agency indicated that Asiana continued to sell seat tickets before the emergency exits of its other aircraft models.

Previously, an Asiana airliner had an open-door crash just before landing at Daegu Airport in southeast South Korea, and the aircraft landed on the runway with the door open.

According to a video clip capturing the moment, strong winds blew into the plane, causing the seats to vibrate and the passengers’ hair flying to the sides.

The police asked the court to issue an arrest warrant for the passenger who opened the door for violating the Air Safety Act.

Source: Yonhap

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