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ASI . released photos of The cells of the Taj Mahal are waiting underground of court order

merely six Days ago, as controversy over The 22 closed rooms in the basement of Taj Mahal It was raging – inside the courtroom and outsideArchaeological Survey of India (ASI) has released some photos of these cells.

On May 12th, Lucknow bench of It was Allahabad High Court Petition Rejected Look for fact- Search for an inquiry about “history” of Taj Mahal and also Opening of the doors of In “22 rooms” to watch ” truthWhatever”.

The petition has been submitted in Lucknow bench by Rajneesh Singh, media in-the shipment of BJP’s Ayodhya unit, claiming that The Taj Mahal was a Shiva temple known as Tegu MahalayaAsks for The government to shape fact- Urgent Publication Committee”real history” of the monument.

Following the court order, ASI officials confirmed that there is no secret in Those rooms, hmm just bit of structure, and they are not unique To the Taj Mahal, but many Mughal era shrines built At that time – including Humayun’s tomb in Delhi.

“The work of maintenance of underground cells on the river side Taking up. The lime plaster was decomposed and disintegrated removed And replace it with construction of lime plaster and traditional The accompanying text said, while the accompanying text said, while four photographs of Basement cells posted, “before” and “after” conversation side by side in Organization newsletter.

Even as ASI officials insisted that “the January newsletter was so in The public Since then”, it was released by the agency on that it website on May 5 and Twitter on that it official handle on May 9.

About the released photos, said officials of ASI Agra Circle Indian Express Every month, every month of circles sendhighlights of work Under their supervision to the Delhi headquarters, some of Which is then included in ASI newsletter.

This restoration was between December 2021 and February 2022 work attacked out in those cells. The photos posted were from December 2021; Even then a lot more work Pictures were taken. whether they find space in The next Issues of This will be an introductory post decision” says The official from the agra circle.

“not just Taj Mahal; we did work In the Jameh Mosque, Emmad al-Dawla and Agra fortress, and some of These pictures are for her also posted in say issue,” he is adds.


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