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Ashok Gilot stresses ‘discipline’ at party before meeting Sonia Gandhi

“There is always discipline in Ashok Gilot told reporters.

New Delhi:

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gilot in Delhi spoke at length to meet President of Congress Sonia Gandhi on discipline in The party denied being short at any time. what media Report, he insisted, “small Potatoes” and declared that “these things happen.”

three of Gillot’s close associates have been held accountable for huge rebellion in The party unit is Rajasthan. a job against Advised by middle party observer Malecargon out of state in-Shipping Ajay Makin, who before him events unfolded on Sunday.

McCain accused the rebel group MLAs of “Lack of discipline”. Work advised against Whip President Mahesh Joshi, RTDC President Dharmendra Pathak and minister Shanti Dhariwal, who hosted parallel meeting of MLAs where they made a decision on The next Chief Minister aims to preserve out Sachin Pilot is the arch rival of Gehlot.

“There is always discipline in Congress,” Mr. Jahlot told reporters, insisting that this was “tradition.” of The party Even today. “I’ve been watching for 50 years. since then of Indira Gandhi, then Rajiv Gandhi, Narasimha Rao and now Sonia Gandhi” added.

“what is going on in The media he is small Potatoes, these things happen in internal politics. hmm they’gar ki pat. Country in danger. Writers and journalists in prison for betrayal. We are all worried about inflation and tyranny and that is why Rahul Gandhi is worried on Gilot told reporters.

political storm in Rajasthan, which swept the party’s internal elections focused on Mr. Jhalut’s refusal to step down from the top post in Rajasthan over The apprehension that he might go to Mr. Pilot. until sunday rebellionHe was the most likely candidate in The race for The post of The party election chief for that deserve next Month.

Mr. Jahlut made He. She clear He was ready to reconcile the two publications. But this possibility was ignored off by Rahul Gandhi with a clear Note that party You will stick to ‘One Man one post” policy. Mr. Gilot retracted his position and on Sunday gone off For a temple near the state border with Pakistan – remote area Without a mobile phone connection.

In the evening, his 92 loyal MLAs skipped the scheduled meeting of the Legislative Party at which Mr. Gilot’s replacement was to be chosen. By attending a parallel meeting, they announced that a Chief Minister should They are chosen from among these who supported government Through Mr. Pilot rebellion in 2020. Then they went to the speaker house, threatening to resign collectively if their demands were not so met.

The next day, in stark and public the challenge of Sonia Gandhi, they refused one-on-one Meetings with Center leaders I commissioned with Solve the situation, subtract forward a set of stimulate.

Arrive at Jaipur after rebellion it was good on that it wayMr. Jahlout said he had no hand in It – claim that the Central Congress leaders took with a pinch of salt. Gandhi was said to be very upset with The public “humiliation” of The party And many of them own Mr. Jhalout in private responsible for He. She.

His visit to Delhi and scheduled discussions with Mrs. Gandhi comes after an oath of Central Command, including Ambika Soni and Anand Sharma, started talks with for him resolve the crisis. It hasn’t happened yet clear Whether Mr. Gehlot will enter race for The party president post.

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