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Äscher, AZ-OOR, Azzurro – does everyone say what they want?

Two years after its announcement in 2008, eleven years ago, the first version of Windows Azure, Microsoft’s commercial cloud service, with a decade-long history, officially debuted.

No one needs to be introduced to this secure and flexible cloud platform for building, deploying, running, and creating virtual servers for business applications. Thanks to its flexibility, it allows you to use any framework and tool. The operated applications and devices can be connected to the existing IT infrastructure of the companies and it includes many options that can be fully customized, so the costs are adjusted according to the services actually used. Of course, it’s worth noting that even five years ago, Microsoft didn’t run several important services on its own Azure cloud, but of course, everything will slowly move under that.

The birthday solution also received a funny marketing video from Microsoft that ran big on Twitter. Although the short film tried to list all the versions, who pronounced the word Azure, the comments also came as surprises: Äscher, AZ-OOR, Azzurro. All this is well illustrated, not only is its applicability wide-ranging, but its name as well as its name. they only know the child’s name properly, but it doesn’t matter what is the usual practice in a company in everyday use.

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