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Asad Umar says “received a letter threatening the safety of Imran Khan”

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Central Leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Asad Umar said on On Friday, they received a security alert for Imran Khan, ARY News reported.

During a conversation with the ARY news program “Sawal Yeh Hai”, Asad Umar said that the life of Imran Khan in danger and they will sue against the present government if something happens to the PTI chairman.

He said that senior the officer called him that the life of Imran Khan in danger and security warning of was the chairman of the PTI also received.

former minister said that government proposed vehicle him, but asked him to take additional security measures on his own. He added that he asked Imran Khan use bulletproof goggles, but he refused.


He criticized that security measures were not being followed. made for Main of largest political party of Pakistan, on on the other side, government is provided special providing for the convict.

Regarding the march in Islamabad, Umar said that yesterday Imran Khan was informed in detail about the preparations. Imran Khan earlier announced his plan start Islamabad march from 20 to 30 May.

“Imran Khan calls session of PTI core committee and announcement for Islamabad march will made on Sunday. Imran Khan has been informed that all preparations will be completed by Saturday.”

He said negotiations could start if government announces elections schedule. He said that politicians should resolve issues through negotiation.



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