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As Trump falsely attacks another election, Pennsylvania officials for november

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Former President Donald Trump escalated his unfounded attacks on Elections in Pennsylvania on Thursday, like other Republicans declined accept his position, and election officials warned that his rhetoric could further undermine confidence in democratic system.

For second day, trump again questioned the legitimacy of mail-in ballots in the state is too close to call the Republican Senate primaries race as former the preferred presidential candidate saw his narrow lead decrease.

The recount is mostly provided as Mehmet Oz. who Trump backed, now led by David McCormick just 1080 votes with thousands of mail-in ballots left think out of a million plus that were thrown. winner I’ll go on to compete in one of most successful campaigns of intermediate exams against Democratic nominee John Fetterman.

Dynamics reflect how by precedent set in 2020, close elections may face scrutiny and doubt, even if there is no evidence that support misdemeanor or error. Electoral officials in Pennsylvania girdles for similar complaints in November, but I’m afraid there are several ways combat deliberate misinformation and rising political toxicity.

Pennsylvania Republican Patrick J. Toomey, whose resignation vacated the Senate seat, said he was impressed with like McCormick and Oz, neither of who questioned results. He was critical of Trump’s Unsubstantiated Claims of malfeasance.

This is not at all surprising, given his history and what we know about Donald Trump,” Toomey said. of Trump’s comments. “To the credit of Mehmet Oz, it is worth giving credit to the fact that he did not accept this rhetoric and seems to stick to what used to be generally accepted. view everything is legal ballots should be counted.”

trump, on his social media site Truth Social, posted Thursday Morning: Pennsylvania Oz race funny. How long does it take to count votes. France, on the same day, all papers were VERIFIED numbers in evening. USA is a joke on Elections. Stop SEARCHING VOTES in PENNSYLVANIA! FALSE?”

A day earlier, Trump urged Oz to declare victory before more votes can be counted. Oz did not follow this advice.

Other Republicans in Pennsylvania recoiled from language from Trump, which they say could undermine the legitimacy of in the partynominee in The November vote will also sow more doubts in the democratic process.

“This is worrying because statements like what is this lead to threats against election officials. This is the same game the plan he used in 2020, so I’m not surprised,” said Seth Bluestein, a Republican. city commissioner in Philadelphia. “The most important thing we can do is to be as transparent as possible. possiblecontinue build this relationship, so there is a degree of trust between us and people election observation.

To the question about former President’s comments other Trump allies like Senator Ted Cruz (R.T.) who supported McCormick in Pennsylvania, everyone said vote should be counted. But Cruz also question on legitimacy of mail-in ballots.

“Obviously they problem and Pennsylvania, unfortunately, like lot of other states, expanded mail-in ballots excessively. And this creates a serious opportunity for mischief,” Cruz said. in interview on Capitol Hill. “You know somehow other states manage to count their votes on Election Day. And this train wreck keeps repeating.”

Doug Mastriano’s victory in Pennsylvania could give 2020 election denial observation of 2024 vote

As in 2020, delay in completing count of thousands of mail-in ballots created space for Trump and his allies to question the outcome. Under state law, county officials may not start treatment ballots by mail before election day. They called on state legislators amend the law allow ballots processed as they come in, as is common in other states including Arizona and Florida.

Al Schmidt, who was a republican city commissioner in Philadelphia during 2020 recount and now operational for a government reform group said Pennsylvania should move to a process where, at least, difficult work of removal ballots from envelopes and verification of signatures can start until election day.

“It was quite predictable that there is a delay in reporting mail-in vote votes which the president uses,” he said. “When former president’s goals [election officials] it’s difficult for them to counter force of this story doesn’t matter how false or it may be absurd.

Lisa Schaefer, Head director of Association of County Commissioners in Pennsylvania, election officials said. in constant communication about how to best combat misinformation and try to convince voters that the elections are safe. Some produced new video about electoral procedures. Others spent public forums or invited members of in public visit their offices.

“We do our best to keep how we run fair, safe and accurate elections,” she said.

But she added so much people with suspicions “do not want to be convinced otherwise.”

“When we talk about all the things that make our elections fair, safe and accurate, it doesn’t have to be with people we want persuade,” she said.

Jackie Kullback, Chairman of Cumbria County Republicans said she believed a “prank” had taken place. in 2020 racebut also that she didn’t want people lose faith in fair elections.

After 2020, she promised to oversee any recounts and said she would. in this primary competition if it is recalculated, which will almost certainly happen. This process may mean winner unknown until second week of June.

Kullback said that at least in her neighborhood, she didn’t see any evidence of voter fraud.

“All I can say is that from my point of view I couldn’t be proud of my choices board and every person who have worked. I saw group of people who were really diligent and trying to do the right thing,” she said.

Other local Republicans were more horrified that Trump will try to provoke controversy in GOP primary group.

“I am stunned. When someone who supporters of the fact that everyone should get their own votes out and them opponents cheat and now he’s talking about his own party? said Dave Ball, Chairman of Washington County Republicans. “When the President says let’s cut it short off here because I like number here so let’s stop I don’t get the point of make statements like that.”

Delay in making report results it’s a natural result of ban against counties handling mail-in ballots before election day and created space for suspicion in process, said Rochelle Kaplan, director of services for voters for league of Women Voters of Pennsylvania.

“This is just created a wedge to get in there,” she said. Pennsylvanians are used to elections results shortly after the polls closed. But with extension of mail-in voting, counting now takes longer.

“There was such an expectation: “Of course, we know.’ Well now you’re not gonna know [quickly]”, she said, noting that the count could take several days.

Kaplan said she worked at the polls. for in first time in her home of Lehigh County on Tuesday for primary and witnessed suspicion from voters firsthand.

“There were questions about whether their ballot would actually be scanned. in exactly, actually will be sent in to the county,” she said. “I hope they left feeling like they were accurate information, information they could trust. But fact that they asked a question, it was sad.”

County officials have learned to process and count mail faster.in ballots on Election day from 2020. But changing the law to allow mail-in ballots being treated early can make a lot easier of suspicion, experts say.

The Republican-led General Assembly included this change in legislative package it would limit access to the vote in other methods. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf vetoed the bill.

Electoral officials also looking forward to a decision from the Pennsylvania Supreme Court that could fundamentally change the structure of the mail.in vote in November. In January, a lower court ruled that sending mail without justification in a vote violated the state constitution. The decision was appealed and the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in March.

McCormick campaign told reporters on a call Thursday they were sure he would win in end with remaining ballots left be counted. Oz, appearance on Fox News Sean Hannity program Wednesday evening, suggested a similar optimism.

Hannity agreed with Oz score of where things stood, saying “I did a lot of dig myself and i’m pretty sure of my numbers, but time will tell.

Lee Ann Caldwell contributed to this report.

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