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As the shooting grows in Philadelphia, the city is flooded in Weapon

there were no arrests in three quarters of last years fatal shootings, according to statistics provided by Mr. Krasner’s office, even in the form of arrests for illegal weapons soared up record levels.

Only small fractional part of in people who arrested for According to Mr. Krasner, carrying guns without permits actually leads to violence. He insisted that city need to focus instead on people who It was already have proven themselves to be dangerous, and invest in advanced forensics technology to clear hundreds of unsolved shootings.

“What is their theory – instead of vigorously pursuing people who actually shoot at gunMr. Krasner asked, “what are we should take 100 people and put them in jail because one of them power shoot someone?”

A little city officials, including the chief of police, see things differently.

“I think there are some philosophical differences between ussaid Police Commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw. in Interview. She said she stands for ” both andbut not or orapproach. Earlier this year, the police set up special non-fatal shooting unit with four dozen detectives and other officers working on affairs throughout city. But the commissioner insisted that the police just how tends to hack down on illegal gun possession also.

“There must be consequences for those who bear and using these weapons are illegal,” Ms Outlow said. “If I go out and get it gunknowing that nothing will happen to me, why does it stop me from doing anything else illegal with a gun?

For those who live in crisis every day, these issues are urgent.

Marguerite Raff special primary school assistant in Philadelphia. On a Saturday morning seven years ago, her youngest son, 23-year-old Justin, was shot to death. death in in street.

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