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As Punjab flexes its muscles, ‘N’ leaders flee to Islamabad – Pakistan

LAHORE: Like PML-Q-PTI coalition government in Punjab tightens the noose around the closest aides of Sharif family in provinces in various cases, PML-N leaders flew off towards “safer borders” of Islamabad where are they party is in power dodge arrest.

Lahore Police on Saturday initiated action against in prime ministers special assistant Atta Tarar, “blue-eyed” assistant of Hamza Shehbaz and also former PML-N minister Rana Mashhud in Punjab Assembly attack case (registered Chief Minister Parvez Elahi over hooliganism during the chief ministerprevious election on 16 April).

Police team raided the residences of both PML-N leaders but returned empty-handed as the suspects managed to escape in Islamabad. Another aide to the prime minister, Malik Ahmad Khan, who is also wanted in this case is already in federal capital.

in current the script looks like PML-N main Punjab leaders will not dare to enter the province for fear of arrest like some leaders of Imran Khan’s Pakistani Tehreek-e-Insaf shows caution against visiting Islamabad after Shahbaz Gill arrest in Banigala. In this fiasco Punjab vs Center neither side – PTI or PML-N – are ready to reduce the political temperature.

PTI Guide already police actions are illegal. against this is party leaders and protesters during a “peaceful” long march on May 25 on Islamabad allegedly unleashed by Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif. son hamza, who was the boss minister then.

Hamza is consideredmain character’ in alleged episode of torture of PTI guide in Punjab and feeling danger It was already managed to leave the country for United Kingdom.

PTI claimed that Sanaullah used “fascist” means to stop party supporters from reaching Islamabad on May 25th. PTI stresses that Sanaulla will have to pay for this is. Interior minister Punjab warned government that any action against it will exacerbate tensions between the Center and Punjab, and lead impose of governor rule on provinces.

Sanaulla currently in Saudi Arabia in perform Umrah, and may not be able to enter the Punjab in commemoration of its impending arrest how the administration of Parvez Elahi, which is acting on a direct order from deposed Prime Minister Imran Khan.

On the other hand, on directions of Sharifs, interior minister ordered the FIA ​​to leave hard against Mr. Khan and other PTI leaders for their alleged involvement in prohibited funding case. Former-minister Fawad Chaudhry of PTI also warned that if the Banigal residence of Mr. Khan was attacked, Jati Umra – the luxurious abode of Sharif – in Lahore will bear the brunt.

On Twitter, Atta Tarar said that the police had searched his house. in Lahore, where he lived 15 years ago. Appeal to the Punjab home minister Tarar said: “Mr. Hashim Dogar, I thought you were a minister, but you turned out be a very frivolous character. What are you trying prove sending the police to house I lived in 15 years ago? You can run Ministry in this situation? Don’t go that far in protecting anti-national statements.”

Mr Dogar replied to Tarar on Twitter stating that the leader of the PML-N fled to Islamabad. “If a politician (Tarar) understands the law, he should follow by order of the police,” he said.

This was stated by the Chief of Police of Lahore Ghulam Mahmoud Dogar. Dawn.com that notifications were sent to Tarar and Rana Mashhud to appear in Punjab Assembly investigation attack case.

However, PTI leaders Fawad Chaudhry and coordinator Azhar Mashwani announced that action was being taken. against Tarar was initiated in connection with torture of party workers on May 25th. “Tarar should come out of hides to make his position clear,” Chaudhry remarked.

Published in Dawn, August 14, 2022

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