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As Marie Kondo Puts it, She’s “Kind of Given Up” on Cleaning

Never before has it been more advantageous to live in a filthy house. Last week, Julia Fox provided a tour of her son Valentino and her delightfully messy apartment to her TikTok fans. Even Marie Kondo, whose last name also serves as a verb for tidying up, eschewing order.

As Marie Kondo puts it, she's kind of given up on cleaning._

Kondo, a mother of three, confessed at a recent press conference that keeping her house tidy is currently the lowest on her list of priorities. She said via a translator that while her house was disorganized, the manner she was spending her time was appropriate for her current stage of life. She continued:

I tried my best to maintain my home’s cleanliness since I used to be a professional organizer. In a manner that is beneficial for me, I have given up on it. I now understand how vital it is to me to enjoy spending time with my kids at home.

The subject of Kondo’s most recent book, which was published in November, was cleaning the immaterial parts of your life, such as your schedule, morning ritual, and thinking, rather than wicker storage bins. It’s not just her. Influencer apartments have returned to maximalism. Parents are becoming more upfront about the idea that a house with small children won’t always look perfect.

Since Kondo continues to clean the sole of her shoes daily, she may not have a mouse infestation. She has nonetheless joined the slobbering hordes spiritually, and to me, that is joyful.

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