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Arvind Kejriwal meets Delhi Governor for the first time since the raid on Manish Sisodia

Chief Minister The Deputy Governor will meet every Friday for Administrative coordination. (a file)

New Delhi:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal met with Deputy Governor F. K. saxena for they regular Friday meeting today – important because they did not meet last Three Fridays after the CBI raids on Deputy Mr. Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia.

He later said that the 40-minute meeting “was held.” in friendly environment”.

that they last met on August 12, but she did not on August 19, the day the CBI raided the house of Mr. Sisodia house over Alleged scam in liquor policy. The investigation has been requested by Mr. Saxena in July. AAP says It is a hoax from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government via Deputy Governor

The next Friday, August 26, was the leader of the AAP in Gujarat, Prime Minister Modi home condition, for polling campaign. No meeting was held on September 2 either.

Today’s meeting had routine administrative matters to discuss. Her agenda is not shared with The mediaBut Mr Kejriwal then told reporters: “I asked LG, sir, to do it together fix MCD a little so that Delhi becomes cleaner.” MCD (Municipal Corporation of Delhi) is controlled by the Bharatiya Janata Party.

Mr. Saxena or his own office did not issue Any statement about the details of the meeting.

When asked about the last rows, Mr Kejriwal said: “Everything that happened is unfortunate and I hope it is. should to improve ” past In a few days, he said, “I wasn’t in Delhi chance. today was good holding the meeting in very good environment. “

A lot has happened between the AAP and the center-appointed deputy governor since the CBI raids over The new excise policy. The policy that brought private players in liquor tradeI was in force for Eight months before it was withdrawn in July, after the deputy governor ordered an investigation into the CBI.

AAP – besides seeing “a stunt by PM Modi and BJP” – hit back In VK Saxena directlyvery, with fraud allegations over seven his-year Served as the Khadi Village Industries Committee just Before he gets to Delhi post.

angry exchanges via Since then, press conferences, letters and tweets have become an almost daily affair punctuated by dramatic moments. for camera.

When Mr. Saxena sent a libel notice to the leaders of the AAP, one of Hmm, the member of the Rajya Sabha, Sanjay Singh, tore it to shreds on video. AAP government also a necklace special session To confirm its majority in Vidhan Sabha, where the sermons were made Claim that fraud allegations were to stop AAP national Expansion under Mr. Kejriwal.

Saxena has denied any wrongdoing in His tenure in the Khadi Commission, saying that AAP gives wrong Numbers about the contract awarded to him daughter for khadi hall design in Mumbai.

Bigger question in the center of this is fightmeanwhile, is in Supreme Court – Regarding who between the elected government And LG has more power.

Constitution seat last I heard it on 7 September. That was the day Sanjay Singh of the AAP tore up Mr. Saxena’s notice.

court set October 11th as a temporary next Date of he heard.

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