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Arvind Kejriwal for BJG Gujarat Workers

Arvind Kejriwal said BJP workers should Continue to get ‘paid’ from BJP but work for AAP

Rajkot, Gujarat:

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal today appealed to all BJP or BJP workers in Gujarat work for Human Public Party (AAP) during the stay in judgment party.

Mr Kejriwal said BJP workers should Continue to get ‘paid’ from BJP but work for AAP “from the inside”.

Addressing a press conference in Rajkot on The final day of Mr Kejriwal said on his two-day visit to Gujarat heading to the polls, that BJP workers would benefit from all the ‘guarantees’ he had promised people when he was party Come to me power in the state.

“We do not want BJP leaders. The BJP can retain its leaders. BJP “panna pramukhs” workers in Villages, kiosks and taluka joining us in masses. I would like like To ask them what the BJP gave them in return for serve them in The party Even after so many years? ” national orderly request.

Mr Kejriwal said that the BJP had not provided free and high-quality education, health care and free electricity to BJP workers and their employees. family members but the AAP will care for their well-being.

“You (BJP workers) can stay in who – which party but work for AAP. many of They get paid (by BJP), so take the payment from there but work for usbecause we do not have money,” He said.

“When we form a government, we will provide electricity for free and this applies to your homes as well. We will provide you with with Free 24 hours powerAnd the build good schools for for you children Where they will receive free education. we will ensure Free and high quality treatment for for you family Members and offer 1000 rupees to women (as a replacement) in for you family,” He said.

Appealing to BJP workers, Mr Kejriwal said there was no point in staying in The Bharatiya Janata Party and its victory again After 27 years of rule.

“I’d like like To tell all BJP workers to stay there but work for AAP. you are smart, work for AAP from the inside.”

upload issue of at recent days attack on Gujarat AAP general secretary Manoj revolutionarily and arrested so many more Attacks will take place “on The people of Gujarat for supporting AAP”.

“The attack on manoj turatia shows That the BJP is desperate. He is unable to understand what to do. “It stares at defeat,” he said.

Mr. Kejriwal said AAP is not like Congress cannot be intimidated by government party.

Defying the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, he said, “I have dealt with Congress yet, but we AAP people. We regard Sardar Patel and Bhagat Singh as our own.”

Mr Kejriwal said if the BJP thinks it is possible scare AAP by organizing such attacks, it is wrong.

“We will not be afraid. We are not cowards. We will fight hard against Injustice and corruption. Six crore rupees people of Gujarat now has an alternative (in AAP). They will respond in 27 years of bad judgment (of Bharatiya Janata).

appeal to people not to resort to violence.

“I’d like like to say people this number of Attacks will increase in Next 2-3 months no just on AAP but on The people. they will attack those people who They say they will vote for AAP. those who to speak against The BJP will be attacked. They will attack people in Large numbers,” the AAP leader said.

He said people Not to resort to violence but to survive patient Expressing anger by pressing the EVM button to vote out Bharatiya Janata.

Mr. Kejriwal, who she has announced series of “Guarantees” in try to reach out to me various Sections of the society in Gujarat, he said met representative of police personnelAnganwadi and ASHA staff, health workers, traffic police, Gram Raksha Dal (GRD), auto driversAnd the home Guards among others during his multiple visits to the state.

AAP leader said he would meet all group separately in Coming days.

We have less time of You are should promote us in your own ways. special promotion us on social media…Designation social media on fire. I would like like To appeal to all of you to promote AAP on social media. We’ll meet you separately and we’ll do it resolve He said.

Council elections in Gujarat home condition of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Federal Home Minister Amit Shah are scheduled to hold a meeting in December this year.

Mr. Kejriwal also attack the state government for Formation of a committee of Three ministers to listen to grievances of demonstrating groups.

“Your intention is not correct. You are not doing it want to me (resolve issues of protest groups). You will give them lollipops and mislead them. I would like like To tell you all not to listen to them.”

On the last day of During his two-day visit to Gujarat today, Mr Kejriwal is scheduled to attend a meeting at City Hall of The Sarpanch and the Village computer business men’ in Surendranagar.

Will visit Surat city in evening to share in “Aarti” in Ganesh, who was set up outside in AAP office in Simada Naka area Her name is “AAP Ka Raja”.

(Except for Title, this story It has not been edited by the NDTV crew and is posted from a syndicated feed.)

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