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Artists celebrate International Tourism Day art works

Exhibition dedicated to World Tourism Day 2022 of Heritage paintings and crafts from Rohtas Fort, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, opened here on Tuesday at the National Council of Pakistan. of Arts (PNCA). show was inaugurated by the Federal Secretary of National Heritage and Culture Farina Mazhar, Managing Director of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC), diplomats and more of painters, art and lovers of needlework were present on happening.

Speaking on On this occasion, the federal secretary declared that the Department of National Heritage and Culture supports heritage, national museums and monuments and give them space shine.

Painters in this is show created not only beautiful objects of arts and crafts, but also also sell them for causeshe said, adding that crafts of Pakistan is famous all over the world world for their confused beauty. These events help promote our artists and historical monuments for cultural education and sustainable tourism in Pakistan.

Italian agency director of Development Cooperation (AICS) Emanuela Benini stated that Italy promotes culture and heritage. in Pakistan via various projects and initiatives. UNESCO Director Yusuf Filali said that UNESCO in Pakistan supporting preservation, promotion and protection of heritage through education and community development.

MD, PTDC, Aftab ur Rehman Rana said World Tourism Day is the time to reaffirm the promise that tourism is an important tool that serves as a catalyst for economic growth what is ultimately connected with Work creation and development of the travel and hospitality sector. ” art and craft in this is show will not only support creation of artists and artisans, but also create a feeling of responsibility among viewers towards our national heritage, he added.

He said it work is unique for a cause for fundraising for local community and highlighting the value of inheritance.

Artworks are on display, representing a collection of ten talented artists from across the country. on Exhibit experimented with oil, acrylic and watercolor media to promote sustainable and responsible tourism of world heritage site of Fort Rohtas.

event was hosted by PTDC, Sustainable Tourism Foundation of Pakistan (STFP). in cooperation with PNCA, Serena Hotels, UNESCO Islamabad and Italian agency for Development Cooperation (AICS).

STFP with support of AICS and UNESCO technical assistance in Islamabad in cooperation with General Directorate of Archeology – Punjab out a series of activities to attract local community life around Fort Rohtas in protection of cultural heritage in the period from 2020 to 2021. This included training of guides and creation social enterprise for the creation of handmade souvenirs.

After successful completion of these interventions, STFP developed innovative strategy improve resilience of in social company. Ten talented artists from all over Pakistan were invited for a three day scenic trip to Rohtas Fort. The artists visited the tour tours basic drawing technique for school children and created live paintings on-website. Painters also worked with STFP to promote sustainable and responsible tourism in a world heritage site.

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