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Artificial intelligence is increasingly effective in administration


Over the past ten years, digitalization processes have also developed significantly in Hungary, and artificial intelligence (AI)-based technological solutions have also appeared in the public sector. Among them is the MIA chatbot, which has been successfully supporting administrators on the 1818 line of the state administration since May 2021. Since the introduction of the service, the number of questions received by the chatbot has approached 1,000,000, and the share of answers supported by AI has already reached 95%. Another improvement is that 38% of requests received last year were processed automatically by the chatbot without human intervention.

Over the past decade, some 20 million questions on more than 3,000 types of cases have been addressed to 1,818 public administration telephone lines. The number of requests is increasing every year, in 2022, support staff were contacted almost 3 million times. Through the automation of e-government services and the use of artificial intelligence, the work of customer support services can be greatly facilitated. Clerks can spend more time on more complex issues, and the simpler ones are answered by a chatbot. Nemzeti Infokommunikációs Szolgáltató Zrt (NISZ) is constantly looking for next-generation technologies that can make it easier for citizens to deal with public administration issues and reduce waiting times.

In the future, AI-based services will undoubtedly become an important pillar of government administration, as they help provide faster and better customer service and help operators work more efficiently. In order to modernize the public administration client line 1818, NISZ Zrt., which operates under the supervision and control of the Digital Hungary Agency, in May 2021 already introduced an AI-powered hybrid MIA chatbot that responds to queries using a combination of artificial and human intelligence. Based on the communication of the customer service staff, the robot suggests response options to the operators, and then, by constantly examining the accepted response proposals, it can switch to fully automatic mode. Artificial intelligence helps initiate simpler cases based on the life situation, and also makes communication between the client and the clerk more efficient.

The MIA chat application is currently assisting citizens in administering the Client Portal and Corporate Portal, as well as using the chimney sweep activity. At NISZ LLC, AI-based chat technology is still helping with information tasks, but the state administration is also preparing to introduce an administrative chat bot: according to plans, instead of filling out and sending electronic forms, it will be possible to manage office affairs by communicating with a chat bot.

Since its inception, about 1 million customer questions have been received through the service, during which the share of answers supported by AI has already reached 95%. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has already processed 38% of the questions received last year automatically, without human intervention.

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