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Arron Banks loses libel case against journalist Carol Cadwalladr

high court thrown out Brexit-supporting businessman Arron Banks charged with defamation against journalist Carol Cadwalladr.

He ruled on monday freelance reporter public advocacy was successful.

The libel suit was centered around the comments made in Ms. Cadwalladr’s Ted Talk and follow-up tweet, in what she claimed to Banks – who founded Leave.EU campaign – lied about his relationship with Russia.

The High Court understood that Mr Banks had complained about Ms Cadwalladr, alleging that he had not been honest with secret deals with Russian state in attitude towards accepting of foreign funding of election campaigns in violation of law on such funding.

Mr Banks argued that the statements made Cadwalladrome were “false and defamatory” and demanded damages and an injunction against the continuation of publication of comments that are still available to view online.

Mrs. Judge Stein dismissed the claim. on Monday on grounds on which the journalist “reasonably believed” that her comments were in in public interest.

Following the ruling down, Mr Banks tweeted: “I won the only thing that mattered was Brexit!”

He also said “Congratulations Carol on Winning today, it stays open for an excuse to the journalist that she thought what she said was correct even though she had no facts.”

Brexit’s main donor added he is “probably” going to appeal.

Arron Banks founded campaign group Exit.EU


Meanwhile, Miss Cadwalladr… who researched funding of referendum campaigns and alleged abuse of data in towards them – said she was “deeply grateful and thrilled” by the decision.

“Thanks to the judge, my star lawyer. team and 29000 people who contributed to my legal defense fund. I literally couldn’t have done this without you,” she tweeted.

She is also said: “The struggle with this was crushing, exhausting, all-consuming experience I sincerely hope that no other journalist will ever have to go through this.”

In her ruling, Ms. Judge Stein said: “Based on on of her investigation, Ms. Cadwalladr had reasonable grounds to believe that Mr. Banks had been offered “pleasant” deals by the Russian government in current period up to the EU referendum, although she saw no evidence that he made any such deals; and Mr Banks financial affairsand source of his ability make the largest political donations in UK history were opaque”.

The judge said that Ms. Cadwalladr did not go to Mr. Banks. for answer before the speech, but previously gave him the right of reply to articles she wrote on almost the same subject.

Businessman and co-founder of Vacation.EU campaignArron Banks

(Getty images)

She is added: “Although Miss Cadwalladr made clear that she did not understand offshore structures, in In essence, she concluded that his finances were opaque and it was not clear where he got enough funds from to be able to donate as much as he had to Brexit. campaign.

“The limited conclusions she drew from the wide range of articles she read and financial journalists and experts she spoke to on this topic, were reasonable.

“Under all circumstances, I believe that the respondent has shown that, in her opinion, the publication of the TED Talk was in in public interest was reasonable.”

Referee found that the tweet Mr Banks was complaining about was not caused “serious harm” to his reputation, but concluded that if she had done so, she would have concluded that Ms. Cadwalladr considered the tweet in in public interest was also reasonable.

Previously another judge found what’s the point of Ms. Cadwalladr’s assertions are that “what, on more how one case, Mr Banks lied about secret he had a relationship with Russian government in attitude towards acceptance of foreign funding of election campaigns in violation of law on such funding.

After this decision in In 2019, Ms. Cadwalladr acknowledged that the meaning determined by the judge was not true, but continued to defend the case. on public percentage bases.

Additional Press Association reporting

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