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Army flood Relief Fund has received Rs 417 million so far : DG ISPR – Pakistan

Army flood Relief Fund has received Rs 417 million so far : DG ISPR – Pakistan


Army flood The relief fund has received 417 million rupees so far, says DG ISPR

September 03, 2022


ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – General Director of Inter Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar on Saturday reported that the country is generously contributing to the Army Flood Relief Fund as Rs 417 million has been raised. in fund so far for in flood victims, while 44 million rupees were collected during past 24 hours.

joint decision media briefing accompanied by the federal minister for Planning Prof. Ahsan Iqbal, Chairman of NDMA Lt. Gen. Ahter Nawaz and National Coordinator of the National Flood Response and Coordination Center (NFRCC), Director General of ISPR briefed media on Rescue activities of pakistani army in in flood affected areas.

Major General Babar Iftikhar said from the start of a crisis caused due to recent monsoon rains, the Armed Forces have been working day and night in affected areas for in last 2 months before help their brothers and sisters.

“Every soldier and officer of The pakistani army is trying reduce in problems of in people considering it as a sacred duty, and not duty,” he said.

He continued: “Lt. Gen. Sarfaraz Ali, Major General Amjad Hanif, Brigadier Muhammad Khalid, Major Saeed Ahmed, Major Muhammad Talha Manan and Naik Mudassar Fayyaz assisted in this spirit. flood- affected brothers and sisters in Lasbela (Winder) area of Balochistan last month and was martyred in helicopter crash during rescue operations.

At a meeting of corps commanders in July and August were also decided to give all possible help to flood casualties and the army commander gave special instructions in in this regard, he said media.

As instructed by the commander of the army, he said that the Armed Forces would not leave people one in it’s a hard time, ‘never mind how It takes a lot of time and effort.”

At the army level, he reported that under the leadership of Army Air Defense Command Commander who was also performance of duties of National Coordinator of National Flood Response and Coordination Center.

“In accordance with the RRR strategy, i.e. “Aid, Rescue and Rehabilitation”, the Pakistani army is serving under a comprehensive strategy together with Civil Administration, Office of Disaster Management and other social institutions.”

General Babar said that the commander of the army made detailed visits to flood-affected areas of Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and Punjab, and reviewed ongoing relief operations. on Earth.

However, all education and senior commanders of Pakistani army was present in in flood affected areas and were involved in relief operations, added.

Helicopters of The Pakistani army aviation was constantly involved in hostilities. in rescue work in affected areas, he said, adding: “So far, there have been 276 helicopter sorties. in different areas. In spite of bad weather and other challengespilots of Pakistani army aviation risked their lives not only to save people but also made available of significant relief items them.”

At Kumrat and Kalama he said people who stuck in The Pakistan Army immediately contacted the various areas due to the flooding and moved them to safety.

He stressed that the masses of areas prone to natural disasters in case of any emergency, should contact the KP 1125 hotline during for in other provinces, you can call the helpline 1135.

Currently, he said, there are 147 relief camps. of pakistani army across the country in what relief was provided more more than 50,000 casualties, and 250 medical camps in to whom army doctors, middle and middle medical personnel provided free medical care more over 83,000 patients.

“In addition, additional medical and engineering resources have appeared in the army. also sent to Sindh. The army distributed 3-day rations flood casualties, which is about 1,685 tons, 25,000 food items ready to eat (MRE) and a large number of 8 and 4 people there are tents also were distributed among flood affected families.”

In addition, 284 flood relief collection points have been set up throughout the country. At these collection points, 2,294 tons of diet, over 311 tons of basic needs of life and over 1.07 million medicines were deposited people of Pakistan, he added.

Currently 1793 tons of ration and 277 tons of other necessities were distributed among flood victims, in addition to this, 770,000 drugs were also provided flood casualties, he said.

DG ISPR added what’s along with it’s a relief teams of The Pakistan Air Force and Navy were also playing en active role in Rescue operations throughout the country.

“Air Force of Pakistan Air Force also worth mention in which C130 and helicopters saved more than 1521 people for 135 sorties. 41 relief camps of PAF help people as well as more provided medical assistance to more than 16,000 patients in 35 free medical camps. In addition, a large number of there are rations and tents also were widespread.”

He added that the Pakistan Navy’s emergency response and diving teams were busy help flood victims across the country. Already, more more than 55,000 food packages were distributed, including 650 tons of soldering and more over 1080 tents.

“Together with it, 19 medical campuses in who received free medical care more over 18,000 patients. To date, the Pakistan Navy has rescued about 10,000 casualties.”

people From all of us over country generously help their affected brothers and sisters thanks to their contribution in Army Relief Fund, he said, adding: “In view of this feeling, all the generals of the army has contributed one monthly salary to the reserve fund created for help in flood victims. In addition, other officers and Javans also Active participation in this fund is voluntary.

He also mentioned that the leadership of friendly countries we also in constant contact with army commander to steps could be taken in help in flood affected masses. He also reported that in view of in current situation, the pakistani army was postponed in main Defense Day ceremony show solidarity with in flood victims.

“However, the martyrs of Pakistan is our assets because of we breathe them in freedom country. How result of victims of martyrs and their families, we are not only free, but also because of they, atmosphere of peace is established. We will never be able to forget them, and we have not forgotten a single martyr,” he said.

This month of September, he said, we salute all these martyrs and veterans who sacrificed their lives for country.

“People’s trust is asset of Pakistani army. The Pakistani army has always been at the forefront in help people in natural disasters and emergencies and maintaining this tradition, all efforts and resources will be used in in flood affected areas. As always, even in this hour of difficulty, with in support of in people we will get rid of it’s a sudden disaster. Inshallah (optional) of Almighty),” he concluded.

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