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Army clapping “offensive” campaign next helicopter crash


Army on Friday strongly condemned what she called “offensive and derogatory” comments. made certain group of people following the helicopter crash in which the six army officers, including the commander of the corps of Quetta, Lieutenant General Sarfraz Ali, were martyred.

When news of the missing army helicopter has arrived, sure people on social media started making offensive comments. A little of they got to the point of willing for presence of top military leadership on missing helicopter.

Most of those who made such comments were apparently from a certain political party who felt it hard made by the security forces of the country.

without naming any political partymilitary media wing took strong exception to campaign on social media.

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“Deplorable social media campaign after the ill-fated helicopter (copter) crash on August 1 caused deep grief and distress among the families of the Shahada and the rank and file of armed forces”, official The statement from the Interagency Public Relations Service (ISPR) is being read.

“While all the people stood with institution in during this difficult time some insensitive circles resorted to offensive and derogatory comments on social media which is unacceptable and highly reprehensible,” the statement said. added.

Major Babar Iftikhar, Director General of ISPR, later explained that they were forced to issue statement after a certain group of people launched the hated campaign against Army and its leadership.

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“This should will not happen. We must reject these elements,” said the head military spokesman said private news channel. “This is unacceptable and should be condemned at all levels,” he insisted.

Asked about reports that President Arif Alvi was not allowed to attend the funeral of martyred army officers, as the families of the victims are not want it, the spokesman said it wouldn’t comment on It.

DG ISPR also made it clear that Pakistan does not play role in recent killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

He said that the Foreign Office already clarified Pakistan’s position and it made no sense in further guess on subject.

military media wing in in past too much took notification of anti-military campaign and had to refute accusations that it interfered in political affairs.

The establishment, especially its leadership, in in the spotlight ever since former prime minister Imran Khan was removed from power through vote of No confidence in April.

former prime minister has on number of cases complained that the security forces did not come to his government rescue when they knew a conspiracy was brewing against It.

While the Pakistani leadership of Tehreek-e-Insaf made oblique references, its supporters more direct. They blamed military leadership of Existence behind exile of PTI government how campaign against in senior military leadership continued on social media.

reason behind Supporters of the PTI critical of in military the leadership was that they refused to support Imran Khan’s claims of a conspiracy. National Security Committee twice met and concluded that there is no evidence that back claims that PTI government was expelled from power through a US-backed conspiracy.

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