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Argentina: La Plata's “Bitcoin Bunker” Opens a Mining Facility in Buenos Aires

Friday, 3 pm. The spring heat is felt in the bustling Palermo neighborhood, in the Argentine capital. Passersby walk with the hurried pace characteristic of rush hour, but stop at the corner of Santa Fe and Scalabrini Ortiz avenues to look inside a new store that is opening. “What do you sell here?” two women ask each other, and then continue their march.

Other pedestrians reveal their bitcoiner status when they smile when they see the sign at the entrance. Some take pictures of it. Is that that yellow sign does not go unnoticed and what it says, either: “JA MINERS: solutions in crypto.”

Inside are about 10 people: they are the members of the JA Miners team and some customers who came to welcome and congratulate them. It is that on October 1, 2021, this company specialized in the sale of cryptocurrency mining equipment that was born years ago in the city of La Plata, opened its first store to the calle.

Bruno Negri, Head of Communication at JA Miners, warmly welcomes CriptoNoticias and invites us to meet the founders of this company: cousins ​​Juan Lautaro and Juan Andrés Aude.

The first question that this medium asks them is “why open a physical store?”. Payment of rent, municipal authorizations and taxes, are things that many merchants -very frequently in the field of new technologies-, avoid through the strategy of exhibiting only through a screen in cyberspace.

The answer is given by Juan Lautaro: «The cryptocurrency market tends to be a bit hidden and many times it is sought to have a slightly cloudy image. Here we try to make it not so. You can come by, see, consult, ask and we can give you a hand. You will be able to enter, get rid of any doubts you may have, have information and, with that information, if you want to invest or not invest, but you will have information entering through a window. ”

In addition, this physicist Platense, explains that the chosen place “is a good meeting point for all customers.” He tells us that many of them live in the area and adds: “this place gives us proximity to customers.”

At the Palermo store they not only sell mining equipment, but also carry out purchases and sales of bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets in exchange for fiat money .

Juan Lautaro Aude (left) and Juan Andrés Aude (right) run JA Miners, a store specialized in cryptocurrency mining equipment. Source: CriptoNoticias.

The La Plata bitcoiner bunker

In the city of La Plata, located about 60 kilometers south of the Argentine capital, JA Miners is headquartered. Unlike the new Palermo space, La Plata is not a place on the street and, to visit them, prior notice is required.

In addition to the sale of equipment for mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies , there they offer the Housing service. «We put to mine your rig in our bunker, ”says the startup’s website. They also provide the cloud mining service: «you can rent one of our rigs and mine the cryptocurrency you want. You pay for the computer’s computation and you monitor it from your cell phone. ”

Before continuing, it is worth clarifying this word that is repeated frequently throughout the talk: rig . This is the name given to a set of hardware elements, which can be CPU, video cards (GPU), FPGA or ASIC, specially arranged for cryptocurrency mining.

The assembly of rigs according to customer needs is one of JA Miners’ tasks. Source: Facebook.

Who is interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining?

«Who is the average client of JA Miners?», Was another of the questions that this information portal asked the Aude. On this occasion, the person in charge of responding was Juan Andrés. This industrial engineer says that “the average client is the inexperienced one, but who already has some other investment.”

It refers to traditional investments, not in cryptocurrencies or risk investments. “The average client is a traditional investor, who comes to find out what these assets that go up and down in price are about,” he details.

About what is the minimum amount necessary to invest in cryptoactive mining , Juan Andrés explains that this “depends on the mental structure of the investor.” “If you are afraid to invest, we are not going to recommend that you buy,” he says, and then put his answer into numbers: “perhaps, to enter, you can do it with USD 5,000 onwards”.

Juan Lautaro intervenes to support his cousin and adds: “The idea of ​​mining is to enjoy it, so we analyze a bit the profile of the potential investor and, based on that, we put together a budget.” He says that sometimes, traditional investors who are used to investing «in bricks», cannot enjoy investing in cryptocurrencies due to the vertigo caused by the fluctuation of their prices. “

The «China effect» on cryptocurrency mining in Argentina

JA Miners offers a wide spectrum of mining equipment for sale , which are recommended to clients after having an initial talk in which their possibilities, their investment horizon and until the status of the electrical installation of your home.

We have a wide range, within what we know works well. We sell 2060, 1660 super and 3060 plates, among others. We also sell miners for Ergo, for Ravencoin, for Ethereum … that is, we try to cover the whole range of possibilities so that the client leaves with the information they want and makes the decision. The decision is up to the customer, always.

Juan Lautaro Aude, co-founder and CEO of JA Miners.

JA Miners offers a wide range of cryptocurrency mining equipment. Source: jaminers.com.

As CriptoNoticias has frequently reported in recent months, China has banned cryptocurrency mining on its territory. This caused some damage to miners worldwide, due to interruptions in the supply chain for the manufacture of equipment .

Juan Lautaro comments that this situation also, to a certain extent, modified their way of working. “The stock is more and more blocked”, he explains, but adds: “the components are obtained, by dropper, but they are obtained and assembled. The more obstacles they put, the more the partridge rises, the more people want to know and the more people want to get involved. So, for us, it is still a benefit. ”

Juan Andrés nods at his cousin’s statement and adds:“ If there is something that gets stuck, we will solve it however it is ”.

“Anyone can mine cryptocurrencies in Argentina”

The typical image of large Bitcoin mining farms, with a millionaire investment in equipment and located in territories with sub-zero temperatures can discourage many interested in this activity. In fact, phrases such as “mining can no longer be done by anyone, now only large industries do it” are frequent in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Juan Lautaro and Juan Andrés want to refute this idea . Both hold that “anyone who has a rig can mine in Argentina ». They joke that “the most complicated are going to be in Jujuy and Salta,” which are provinces in the north of the country where high temperatures are frequent. Anyway, not even that is an absolute impediment and they reiterate, to close the conversation: “anyone can mine in Argentina”.

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