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Archie Battersby: UN issues injunction to stop UK turn off the life of a brain-damaged boy support

The United Nations has issued an injunction stating that the life of Archie Battersby support must be saved on while he is considering his case.

UN Committee Resolution on rights of faces with Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) states that 12-year- old life support should not to be removed after it parents failed convince the Supreme Court intervene.

Archie mother as well as father Holly Dance and Paul Battersby previously applied to the UN on Friday to postpone withdrawal of life support from them son while their complaint was being considered.

family argued that stopping treatment would in violation of UK obligations under articles 10 and 12 of UN convention on rights of People with Disability and Article 6 of UN convention on rights of Children.

Responding to the news, Ms. Dance said: “I am so grateful to the UN for their reaction and action is so fast for my son. We have experienced so much stress and anxiety; we already broken and not knowing what was going to happen next it was painful. To get it news now it means everything.

“It first the time it ever happened in [the] history of it’s inhuman system in United Kingdom. There were so many ups and downs, but we delivered on in full armor of God, gone to battle And now we’ve given Archie time – that’s all we’ve ever asked for. for”.

The young man leaned on artificial ventilation of the lungs from the moment of admission to the hospital on April 7, when he was found unconscious with ligature over his head.

Doctors treat Archie at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London, they think he’s a brain stem dead and say the continuation of lifesupport treatment is not in his best interests.

Andrea Williams, Executive Director of Christian Law Center who Was supporting in the family case, said: “We are delighted with UN response. The time has come for the British processes around the preventive termination of children’s life to come under international verification.

“Now we hope and pray that the UN committee justice to Archie and his family and also to others disabled people in UK hospitals in future cases.

“Life is the most precious gift we have.

“We stood with in family from the very beginning three months ago after the tragedy and now they continue to pray for this handsome boy, Archie, and for all involved.”

In response to Archie’s question, the UNCRPD wrote to her parents and the legal team, saying: “According to article 4 of Optional Protocol to the Convention on rights of faces with disability and according to rule 64 of Regulations of the Committee of Procedure Committee acting through its Special Rapporteur on messages, requested the state party refrain from withdrawing life-saving treatment, including mechanical ventilation and artificial nutrition and hydration, to the alleged victim while the case is being considered by the Committee; this request does not mean that any decision Has been reached on substance of case under consideration.

“The Committee may review need of maintaining a request for provisional measures after the state party’s comments have been received”.

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