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Archie Battersby parents lose the application of the Supreme Court to block the withdrawal of funds of life support | UK News

parents of brain damaged 12-year-Old Archie Battersby lost a motion in the Supreme Court to block the withdrawal of funds. of his life-sustaining treatment.

The country’s Supreme Court rejected the family’s application for an appeal to the court of appeal decision yesterday to take his life support.

His mother Holly Dance said she “can’t take it homeI can’t do anything,” adding, “This is wrong, Archie is my baby. It shouldn’t be down to another people decide where he takes his last breath and if he lives or dies. it wrong.”

Miss Dance and Archie father Paul Battersby sought to extend his treatment to allow time for United Nations Committee to Consider the Child’s Case.

Archie was on life support from April

Today panel of three Supreme Court judges denied permission for Ms Dance and Mr Battersby filed an appeal as they concluded the court of Address “made right decision”.

panel they said that while they have “great sympathy with plight of Archiedevoted parents who face a circumstance that each parent nightmare – loss of beloved child… no prospect of any meaningful recovery (Archie)”.

“Even with life-sustaining treatment, Archie die in well of in next a few weeks through the organ failure and then the heart failure.”

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They are added:” maintenance of medical regime as (Mr Justice Hayden in the High Court) ruled in his very sympathetic judgment “only serves to drag him out death’.

His parents was granted last-minute court hearing of Address on Monday after government asked to urgently consider the request of the UN Committee on rights of faces with Disabled to continue treating Archie.

But after considering the case, the judges of the appellate court refused to postpone the recall of life-sustaining treatment from the Barts Health NHS Trust and said there would be a short hospital stay. in place until 12 noon today.

Doctors are treating him at the Royal London Hospital. in Whitechapel, east London, they think he’s a brain stem dead and say the continuation of lifesupport treatment is not in his best interests.

“It’s shameful, it’s absolutely shameful”

Ms Dance said the hospital “insisted” on ending his life, adding: “It’s a disgrace, it’s absolutely shameful. way forward in this country we are allowed to execute children. Because they have a disability?

She said she felt “deflated” and blamed the trust and the courts. of “destruction of the whole family – this is wrong,” and she vowed to continue fight “to the bitter end.”

She told reporters that she was with her son 24/7 and he’s ‘progressed in so many ways. He on three medicines, he digests the food, he gained weight.

Archie and his mother Holly Dance

Trust work with family prepare for treatment to be withdrawn

Alistair Chesser, Chief Medical Officer for Barts Health NHS Trust stated: “Our deepest condolences remain with Archie family. At the behest of the courts, we will now work with in family prepare for conclusion of treatment. We strive to provide best possible support everyone at this difficult time.”

Archie was in the middle of lengthy legal dispute as he was seriously injured in his incident home in Southend, Essex, in April.

Miss Dance found her son unconscious with ligature over his head. She thinks he took part in en online challenge.

He was in Since then, he has been in a coma and has not regained consciousness.

It is supported by the combination of medical interventions, including ventilation and medication.

Earlier, the High Court ruled that Archie should be treated. should came to an end because the medics said he was a “brain dead”.

Court of The appeal confirmed that decision and the Supreme Court refused give in family more time to carry on them fight.

Archie Battersby father Paul Battersby and mother Holly Dance
Archie father Paul Battersby and mother Holly Dance

His family insisted on treatment should continue by saying that the young man’s heart was still beating, and he grabbed hold of his mother’s hand.

His parents argue that stopping treatment would be in violation of UK obligations under articles 10 and 12 of UN convention on rights of People with Disability and Article 6 of UN convention on rights of Children.

These international obligations state that states must take all necessary measures to ensure disabled people enjoy equal rights and that governments should do everything possible to prevent death of children as well as young people.

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