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Archie Battersby: new trial set like a boy family fight save a life support going | UK News

The court session will take place place this morning among the legal battle over whether to take a life support treatment for 12-year-Old Archie Battersby.

Archie was set cancel treatment today at 14:00, but after intervention from outside government and UN virtual Court of The appeal hearing will now take place at 11 am.

UN Committee on rights of People with disabilities applied to the UK government stop Archie’s life support withdrawn until chance to review a business.

government The legal advisers then asked the High Court to “examine urgently” the UN’s request.

Archie was on life support from April after found unconscious in home his mother in Southend, Essex.

Doctors are treating him at the Royal London Hospital. in Whitechapel, east London, they say he’s a brain stem dead and continuation of lifesupport treatment is not in his best interests.

Archie mother Holly Dance said: “We are glad that government took the UN intervention seriously. It was not a “request”, but a UN injunction against interim measures.

“Anxiety of say Archie’s life support will be removed it was terrible. We already broken and not knowing what was going to happen next painfully.”

Archie and his mother Holly Dance

Saturday Miss Dance sent a letter to the Minister of Health Steve Barclay convinces him help save her son’s life.

She wrote: “If this happens, it will be an extraordinary cruelty and a flagrant violation of of Archie’s rights as disabled human”.

Ms Dance said the Barts Health NHS Trust, which treats her son, gave her the data of how doctors will cancel the treatment and leave family watch him die.

A High Court judge ruled that discontinuation of treatment in Archie best interests, after considering evidence from clinicians.

Archie hasn’t regained consciousness since April 7, and Ms. Dance said she thought he might have been involved. in en online challenge before hurting yourself.

Archie family argue that stopping treatment would be in violation of UK obligations under articles 10 and 12 of UN convention on rights of People with Disability and Article 6 of UN convention on rights of Children.

These international obligations state that states must take all necessary measures to ensure disabled people enjoy equal rights and that governments should do everything possible to prevent death of children as well as young people.

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