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Archie Battersby: boy on life support in London ‘probable brainstem’ dead, high court says | Great Britain news

Doctors believe that 12-year- the old man in the center of life-support treatment dispute is “very likely” to be dead”, – heard the judge of the Supreme Court.

Archie Battersby was treated by doctors at the Royal London Hospital. in Whitechapel, East London, after suffering brain damage two months ago.

The doctors treating him say the ventilator keeps him alive…support treatment should switch off but his parents Holly Dance and Paul Battersby disagree.

Specialist, who cannot be named, the Supreme Court judge said on Tuesday’s tests showed no “noticeable” brain activity, but revealed “significant areas”. of tissue necrosis. She is added: “We think it is very likely that he is a brain stem. dead”.

However, lawyers representing family told the judge that his heart was still beating. They are also raised questions about whether “proper procedure” was followed and whether “family views” were given full consideration.

The Royal London Hospital’s managing trust, the Barts Health NHS Trust, through its lawyers, has asked Ms Judge Arbuthnot to decide what action to take. should be accepted in Archie best interests.

Archie from Southend in Essex, collapsed after an incident in his home on April 7 left he has brain damage. His mother she said found He is unconscious with ligature over his head and believed that he might have been involved in some of Internet challenge. Archie has not regained consciousness since he was admitted to an East London hospital.

Previously she called on the judge give her son is an avid gymnast,more time.” “Each in such a rush,” she said in the PA. news agency. “I ask the judge just give his more time – give he has to go fight back. It’s only been five weeks took me longer to get over flu. What’s the rush?”

At a previous hearing, a specialist had told Arbuthnot that the brainstem had been damaged. responsible for features that have been saved people alive.

BUT campaign an organization called “Christian Law Center” supporting Archie family. Andrea Williams, its chief executive, said after the decision was made earlier. made for tests: “This case raises an important moral, legal and medical question about when a person dead.

“Archie parents don’t admit that he dead and fight for his life.”

final hearing, in in family division of high court in London is expected to end on Wednesday.

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