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AQI . residue in category “severe” for the third day in a row; New ban rules to be implemented from today

Recorded AQI of 456, IGI Airport at 397, ITO at 411, Okhla at 425, Pusa at 416, RK Puram at 446, Wazirpur at 449 and Vivek Nagar at 440.

Regions of NCR, including Noida, reported on the same category, with 529, Gurugram in 478 and Dhirpur in 534.

almost all air Quality control stations registered the category of “severe”, with at least 13 of They have to register AQI of over 450 on Friday. Average 24 hours air Quality Index (AQI) of Delhi stood at 447 at 2 pm on Friday.

PM2.5, the lung-damaging particulate matter was higher than 470 micrograms per cubic meter. That’s eight times over safe limit of micrograms per cubic meter.

Delhi government decided to call final The theater of Pollution Control Restrictions Under GRAP – A set of Follow pollution control measures in Delhi and surrounding cities by severity of the situation. This ban included on Diesel is BS VI-run light engine vehiclesban on Entry of Non-electric trucks, CNG, construction ban.

trying to ramp up public Transport government will also Launch of “Paryavaran Bus Service”, which will include 500 people-run CNG buses, news Agency PTI He said.

Calculate the burning of hay for 30 percent of PM2.5 . pollution in capital, according to the Central Pollution Control Authority and SAFAR, a forecasting agency under the ministry of Earth and Science.

in common piston with Punjab CM Bhagwant Man, AAP government took the responsibility for “Excessive” hay burning in Neighborhood was Punjab leading to increase in pollution levels. “we’ve got government in Punjab and we responsible If the “parali” is burned there. Farmers are not responsible for Kejriwal said.

Kejriwal said air pollution in Winter was not a “special Delhi problem”, adding that it affected the entire north of India and that there should no blame game And the politics on The issue.

Politically, the BJP and the AAP have been trading Barbs over The issue of rising Pollution, especially burning straw.

the number of straw burning accidents in Punjab prices rose by 12.59% year-on-year to 26,583 in The last 50 days, with a plus in Such cases after Diwali, date by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) shows.

State reported 2413 and 2512 active fire accidents on November 3 in 2020 and 2021, respectively, according to the data. Farmers keep it up set crop residue on fire in Yes clear fields for sowing next Crops, wheat and vegetables.

Subject also I got to the Supreme Court on Friday, which is set for early hearing on November 10, the Supreme Court was asked to change schools and offices online Provide a provision for increase more Smog towers. The plea Also request to set up High-level committee under leadership of Retired Justice of the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, fine of 20,000 rupees will be given to these who violating delhi government’s vehicle ban, a senior official He said. These restrictions can be violated attract a fine of 20,000 rupees under the Automobile Act,” he said official. for the convenience of passengers, public Transportation services will be increased. The transportation department will hire up to 1,000 private CNG transport buses via DTC for 60 days, according to a statement.

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